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News and this is WNYC in New York I'm Richard hake good morning at seven twenty nine currently sixty nine degrees with some fog and mist in New York City we do expect a mostly sunny day today hi is eighty nine degrees and there is a thirty percent chance of showers maybe thunderstorms later tonight support for W. NYC comes from John Sir cancer center at Hackensack university Medical Center a consortium member of the NCI designated Georgetown then Barty comprehensive cancer center more at JT cancer center dot org Amazon studios one child nation and examination of China's one child policy and the population control measures effect on families and human rights from documentarians none for long and juggling shown in select theaters Friday W. N. Y. C. ninety three point nine FM AM twenty and PR news New York conversation live from NPR news in Washington I'm Nora Raum agents with immigration and customs enforcement rated seven poultry processing plants in Mississippi yesterday they took six hundred eighty people into custody Associated Press reporter Jeff army watch the rates is as officials say they've been planned for months and part of my computers told us yesterday afternoon that they had been investigating these five companies for more than a year after they got chips that they were point people who didn't have authorization to work in the United States AT reporter Jeff mommy defense secretary mark asper arrives.

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