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Mankind. Our second theory concerns. The writings of av Williams, Jackson and American specialist of Indo European languages in his nineteen eleven book. Jackson discusses the concerns of Lord George Curzon viceroy of India over the authenticity of thrown found at the Shah's palace in Toronto. In the early nineteenth century, according to Jackson quote, Lord Curzon believes that the real peacock throne or one of the two in a deer Shah's possession disappeared from the scene after the battle in seventeen forty, seven and quote. But Jackson goes on to posit that the other thrown, whether the fact simile or the original was discovered in a broken down condition by Mohammad Shah at deer Shah's palace after his assassination, eager to regain his stolen treasure Muhammed Shah must've extracted the throne by use of brutal torture of deer Shah. Ause blind grandson after reclaiming the peacock throne, whether original or replica from Nydia Shah's palace, Jackson writes that Mohammed Shaw then had the recovered portions fashioned into a new thrown of modern shape and style. He goes on to say that this new throne now resides at the Shah's palace in Tehran. It is here supposedly that the sole surviving remnants of Shah Jehan original peacock throne are found, but Lord Curzon insisted that the thrown at the Shah's palace contain no pieces of the original peacock throne and was built in the early nineteenth century long after Mohammed Shah died in seventeen forty eight. One of his main points of argument was that the throne in Tehran had seven legs while the original peacock throne only had four could Mohammed shy have changed the number of legs when he revamped the thrones style before his death. This seems unlikely Muhammed Shah supposedly. Reclaimed the pieces of the peacock throne from nuttier Shah's grandson sometime between the deer Shah's death in seventeen forty, seven and his own death in seventeen forty eight. Remember the original peacock throne, seven years to construct. It's unlikely that Muhammad Shah would have had time to completely redesign the throne structure before his own death. Jackson still skeptical, visited the Shah's palace to see the throne for himself. And there he noticed the detail that put the nail in the coffin for his theory. The inscription Jackson was a language specialist, and he decided the inscriptions on the Tehran thrown were not consistent with Moghal inscriptions from Mohammad Shah's time. This confirmed Jackson, that Lord Curzon suspicions were correct. The throne in Toronto was indeed in nineteenth century recreation on related to Muhammad Shah or the original peacock throne. But if the peacock throne wasn't reclaimed by the Mughal empire, where could it be? It's beginning to seem more and more likely that the original peacock throne really was looted and distributed between Kurdish soldiers in seventeen forty, seven unless the original peacock throne now resides on the ocean floor somewhere off the coast of South Africa. As our third theory posits the theory stems from a rumor that suggests the original peacock throne was somehow aboard the eight hundred ton British ship the Grosvenor, which was travelling from Madras to England when it's shipwrecked off the South African coast in seventeen eighty two, the Grosvenor was owned by the East India company on its fourth and final voyage. It said to have crashed into the African continent in the early hours of misty morning to stimulate summer growth. The farmers near the shore were burning their winner grasslands. Through the spray in stormy weather, these fires appeared to the crew of the Grosvenor as lights in the air. The captain dismissed the light says something similar to Northern Lights, believing them to be only a natural phenomena in the sky. He continued course toward the mysterious lights. Only moments later plowing into the rugged, rocky coastline of Africa. What's interesting is that despite multiple efforts to recover the loss loot in the Grosvenor shipwreck in the eighteen eighties, there was no mention of the peacock throne being aboard, the Grosvenor until rumor began circling in nineteen hundred. The rumor of which the origin is still unknown. Stated the original peacock throne was aboard along with many other priceless. Treasures may lose to say this sparked more heated expeditions in search of the uncovered riches the first of which began in nineteen o five. But this search ended quickly after a diver drowned and the expedition was abandoned in nineteen twenty one, the Grosvenor bullion company or syndicate was formed. A member of the company was none other than Sherlock Holmes. Creator author, Sir Arthur Conan, Doyle Doyle would stir the rumors of the Grosvenor shipwreck by mentioning it in a couple of his stories. The Grosvenor billion company propose. That a tunnel dug under the seabed. So as to reach the ships strongroom which by then was rumored to hold unspeakable amounts of treasure. The company's prospectus list included seven hundred twenty gold bars as well as nineteen boxes of precious stones. It seemed like pure fantasy, but the company was able to raise the money for the expedition. Unfortunately the company ran out of money before finishing the tunnel more unsuccessful expeditions in search of the Grosvenor shipwreck continued after the Grosvenor bullion companies nineteen twenty one attempt, but by nineteen thirty nine World War Two ceased all expeditions. Perhaps the discovery was made in two thousand Jonathan shaft. Minna former university of Cape Town, archaeologist lit a group of Hungarian divers as they supposedly found the ill-fated final site of the Grosvenor shaft. Men claimed his team had quote, found objects, which give us almost one hundred percent proof. And we have convinced the national monuments council that what we have found is indeed the Grosvenor end quote. The discovery received further confirmation when the former Natal parks, board chairman, Pat Goss, who is also able to dive at the claimed site stated quote, I have been one of the greatest skeptics about this wreck for nearly fifty years. But what I saw has left me quite breathless and quote, Goss claimed shaft. Men and the Hungarian team proved the authenticity of the claims by showing him several gold and silver coins, as well as other unnamed artifacts. But there was no sign nor mention of the peacock throne by Hungarian team according to GAAS, they did not believe the throne had ever been on the Grosvenor was the original peacock throne ever on board the Grosvenor to begin with writer, Tony, Kearney reported in two thousand that it was only quote a legend and extravagant falsehood invented to tantalize fortune seekers to invest in the Grosvenor billions. Syndicate and quote Percival. Our occur be who produced the most authoritative work on the Grosvenor was skeptical about the presence of the throne in his nineteen sixty book. He states quote undoubtedly the Grosvenor was a richly Laden vessel, but the visions of scores of chests of diamonds, rubies emeralds and the like are, but idle dreams and quote, nobody knows where the rumor came from that. The peacock throne was aboard the Grosvenor according to curb Ian Carney, it's certainly seemed more fiction than fact. This seems to sink this theory. Was the original peacock throne taken in bloody warfare dismantled and distributed amongst the Afghan incurred forces couldn't endear shy, have left the original thrown back at his palace could Mohammed Shaw have recovered it before the Kurds had the chance to ransack it or could the peacock throne of been aboard, the Grosvenor lost to mankind amidst the ocean currents. It doesn't seem likely that the original peacock throne was ever aboard. The Grosvenor rumors didn't start to spread until over one hundred years after the ship's untimely end. The thrones absence in the two thousand discovery of the supposed rag seems to this theory for good dayquil e unlikely Mamad Shah reclaimed the peacock throne from Persia before the Kurds ransacked the deer Shah's palace. The rumored remnants of the peacock throne in Tehran appeared to be nothing more than a nineteenth century recreation. This is the theory we find most likely. As a show of force a reminder of Nadeem Shah's utter devastation of the Mughal empire. He brought the original peacock throne with him to fend off the uprising in chorus on, but in a dear shot never expected to be betrayed by his own men. He was assassinated by a conspiracy of murderers and the original peacock throne in all its fabled glory was dismantled and divided up between the soldiers. The pieces were sold in scattered around the corners of the world and may never be seen again. Some antiquated experts believe the legs of the eighteen thirty six hours are thrown also called the peacock throne may have come from the original, the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City also claimed to have possibly discovered a marble leg from the original thrown a few years later, the Victoria and Albert museum in London claimed the same. However, neither of these claims have a leg to stand on. They remain unconfirmed. There are also claims that a majority of the peacock thrones pearls now reside in the Tehran central Bank as part of the crown jewel collections. Speaking of crown jewels. We do know where the fabled Kohinoor diamond ended up afternoon. Dear Shah was assassinated. The diamond fell two different Afghan nobles. Eventually being acquired by the British East India company, the same company that owned the Grosvenor, the British government claimed the die. Diamond from the East India company and transported to England on the h. m. s. Madeira it now resides in the British crown jewels despite India, wishing it to be returned perhaps Nadeem shod did get the last laugh if he can't have the peacock throne, at least no one else ever can.

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