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This is her second city on record. And in earned the number eight spot on the jazz billboard charts. And she stays there influences. Bobby mcferrin hi- hiatus Coyote, I like them shack Akon and countless others. And like I said it has a she blends jazz with soul, and it's just it's really good. And I gotta tell you. The first time I ever thought about so music in jazz combining perfectly as when I listened to like Marvin Gay's what's going on believe it or not when you listen to that record. There's a there's a really huge to me jazz soul feel to it. Even when you listen to make me wanna holler inner city blues. Listen to that song again to the instrumentation. And if you listened to the only soundtrack he did he plays a cool. I mean, excuse me. Trouble man, t plays cool is one of the great songs on that record instrumental, but Trump AMAN jazz soul feel but yes, so well, listen to a solemn parmesan take. Can she gives me that vibe that, you know, blending jazz music together perfectly because you don't hit that today. And this this record does do that. So I wanted to mention that let me see. So like, I said we're talking about the first song on this record. You gotta love you. It starts off for posting baseline and drums with a Rhodes, piano. This lays down the foundation of the song horn sprinkle in during the chorus. You gotta love you is about loving yourself and recognizing the globe. Which which is which is your soul inside of you realizing that you are more powerful than you ever realize. Once you get in tune with yourself. I mean, there's also about taking time out to discover yourself. So that you can reach your full potential. So here's the lyrics from that song. Like, I say I did this review before but these records I really enjoyed in their worth revisiting for second time. That's what I'm talking about. And there was. I can't even count on albums. I did this last year. I'm going to do that too. I'll tell you maybe next week because it was just a lot. I start off with four and that was a whole lot. And then I had to roll it down to three. So I was doing like four different genres like every week for a while. It was crazy. So now, I'm I'm just giving them down to three and the still so much more out here. So, but yeah, so here's the first the opening track. So here's the lyrics. I mean, listen to this for true for sure I said it all before. I'm so proud to see your wings soar taking flying into the sky. Oh, you've got that soul. Inside of you said there's no limit to what you can do. Just go for go and enjoy yourself and to your heartbeat true. And as you progress down and don't forget, you gotta take some time for you. You ought to know, you gotta love you, babe. You gotta love you, babe. I to walk through the door. Now, you're better than before heart superior. You know, they can't ignore you beauty is a beam of light. Or you got that soul. Inside of you said, there's no limit to what you can do just reach for the stars and the galaxies and soon they'll come to you. And as you ascend Darren don't forget you got. To take some time for you..

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