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Relatively easy for me. I just let's see. That is such a reach on the ADP, but I mean, in my rankings, and I don't even disagree. I don't want to go for Tyler Lockett. I definitely want to go wide receiver here. I already got my third QB. I want to go wider receiver. I don't want to go Tyler Lockett. Michael Gallup makes some sense, but he's going to be injured and this is still one of the starting players for our roster. So yeah. I'm not going cordell Patterson. Like I said, I'm not going running back. So if you go down the list, the next guys are David bell, Alec pierce, what about a guy? Robert Woods as a bounce back candidate. Yeah, that would be fine, but this late in the draft. I'm shooting for upside. And I think, I mean, it's not that late in the draft, but this is a starting guy, and I think that if one of these guys has big time touchdown potential and who knows, I mean, he might get the yards too. I'm just going to take the take the guy. Ellen lazard. It's not sexy. It doesn't feel great. But Rogers right now. Yeah, Rogers has to throw it to somebody out there. And we know Sammy Watkins is going to be good week one. And after that, he's probably going to get hurt or if he even makes a team. There's some talk. I think I saw an ESPN article that said, he's in jeopardy, not even making the team potentially. So yeah. I know Randall Cobb's going to be there. They got the draft of Christian Watson in a second. Vacated targets often go to the running backs. So Aaron Jones is looking pretty good to get some targets there. But Al mazar is proven with Rogers that he can score some touchdown. So I feel good about that pick. After my pick, team 7 goes Michael Carter, team 8, David bell, team 9 chase Edmonds and then mister Anthony with the 1110 your last year. Is it going to be

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