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A well oiled machine for you here. Let me paint a picture. We're going to pluck the vegetables out of our hydroponic gardens. We're going to shop. Sweet potatoes crack the eggs whisk them in a bowl and serve you up a quiche full of all of our best thoughts about everything that happened this episode. My name is jessica lease and of course with me is my trustee sous-chef chapelle is this the top chef Podcast that we've been dreaming of making or is this the walking day. What are we doing this week. I think dose man. I don't mind spoiling top show for everybody. Who's listening to know. Thank you for having me back again as usual. I'm happy to be here. I don't know if you've heard but the industry beginning so now you're the walking dead is over. Let's begin the parties. let's talk about it. Yes it is again. I feel like the end is the beginning. They just sorta stole that from the world is over but.

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