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Mance always excited to have you guys here with us on the podcast. So what's new, well, you know, rob? I was wondering if you could turn it up to like expert at this point. Yes. It was too easy to podcast is too easy. Exactly. I miss having you guys here in the studio with us. Oh over me with those trae. Now, I forgot about that. How you guys enjoying celebrity big, brother? Well, okay. So it's a good season. Right. It is I love big brother. Always. Not the big brother celebrity that. I was hoping not my celebrity big brother, not my celebrity, my brother. No, you know. I wish the reason we like to watch celebrity big brother is because I feel like we get to know the celebrities, and we get to learn about what they do. And who they are and this season. I don't feel like we've really learned with a there was a high point of the season that really early. So after the discussion about valve movements. And much else. So. Only the healer one. So you guys like that? Yeah. We did. I like I like the Ricky Kato segment, but we really liked Kato, and Tom and Ryan, and you know. Surprisingly, I think he was one of my people I would never expected to like at the end of this. But he did he becomes during a little bit. You just like man is like like past grandpa jokes Like like. this funnier Brendan or Kato. You know, my book is the money. Got you want the timer? Doesn't really have his Tom green to to balance the Cato jokes often. So you do have these. Nope. Yeah. I mean, you guys are like Kato Kaelin that used to hang out and bright word all the time. Right. Exactly. House. Well, though, though joy house. Nicole kit, Nicole. Yes, that's yes. Okay. We used to hang out at lake what he all. Like, no. What is it? Okay. The go-to turn the lake that Brennan racial can't go to what is it? Right. The lake the chill not be named. No. It's it's really telling Ricky about it. All right. We'll take your word for Allie. Do you know, no? Like a horror. Hold on. Do you guys? Hang out with Jonathan Bennett. Are you guys in the cold? Big brother. Yes. We're in the coal kids club now. So we do hang out with Jonathan he. Well, Rachel has we hung out with him right before they went in the house. Yeah. And then on should've talked with. Yeah. But you know, what? I'm really sad. He was on the show that he would have been so yes, when you said he wasn't on the show. I think you were talking about the recap of the recap tonight. Well, no, I'm I'm actually just talking about in general. I just much screen time as Dina. So..

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