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For now allegations of rape of not been confirmed by the police because they are waiting for a forensic report after which will be conclusively able to tell us if the girl was raped known buddy al people out on the streets yuma nanjiani speaking from the whole just before we move on reminder that every week carrie gracie gathers a panel of experts today sacked one of the big stories in the news one issue on our it's cooled the real story this week it's our plastic addiction that gets the real story treatment and you'll find it wherever you get your podcasts and still to come in this podcast that moment i felt totally humiliated really fragile and helpless i put my shame in fierce site to speak about it and there was a massive response social media how a female sports reporter in brazil challenged the blatant sexism that she and her colleagues face today a memorial service for the antiapartheid activist winnie medic azali mandela has been held in soweto thousands of people attended the ceremony at the orlando sports stadium the service began with a choir singing south africa's national anthem millions watched the ceremony on tv and as the service got underway winnie mandela's faithful supporters along with the great and the good of south africa paid tribute her life and achievements as nelson mandela's second wife she was for years the most visible figure head of the struggle against a eight catapulted into the political spotlight when her husband was sentenced to life imprisonment but she's also seen by many as a highly controversial and divisive figure today however they were reminders that when eamon della was also a mother and a grandmother this tribute from one of her great granddaughters the best warm in the world that best five four people i am so call myself her great grandchild being mommy.

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