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The. Feel of a sheep. Man also suggest. A haircut. And my oldest. Unless, you're twenty guitars from Seattle. GRUNGE. GRUNGE. Floor if necessary. Oh, man. You know amateurs wine about James Bond movies. Pros. Point to the rock. You amateur say a Doctor No. was. Connery's best bond or Daniel Craig's better than counry and connery's best day what. Who Cares James Bond Sh- means bond. the rock. The untouchables. Oh. His list of non bonds stuff. is so iconic. So we'll be it'll be playing this hour. Some of the most. ICONIC. Connery stuff. I if. If, you've never seen the rock and I don't mean the the Polynesian wrestler join. Johnson. If you've never seen the movie, they'll rock I wanNA say nineteen ninety, four Sean. Connery and Nicolas Cage WH-. Why are you listening to this show? How how how can you even operate at am radio? If you've never seen the rock I just I don't know. I did you fall and the radio came on Kfi a did you intentionally seek the show you? Why would you seek this show out yet have this giant hole in your life where you've never seen the rock. Either are going to listen to dark place even though I don't get half as references. And now you'll get them. Watch the Rock. It's a great Halloween movie. So there are people who haven't seen the rock and it is okay, granted it's a little Michael Bash. Top. But it but it has. EVOLVED SEAN CONNERY'S LINES It has I think his best. There's an iconic from. The untouchables we'll get there. But his line later on in rock and you guys Tony Tony asked same. Have you ever seen the rock? Oh Yeah. You know the line I'm talking about towards the end when goodspeed says I'll do my best. And then Sean Connery says losers always wind about doing their best you know that line. It. Has Been Awhile all really okay. I have to edit it. I can't play it again because there's an F. bomb and it's the verb. Adjective. So, but it's for my money. It's the most iconic line from the Rock and went delivered by Sean Connery. It is memorable anyway on connery data the ninety. And I said on twitter. some of the most iconic Oh war film moments. Will do those I would say this. I'd leave it up to you nominee keep in mind I can't sit here and play ten on interrupted minutes. But give me your. Best. Out of a bridge too far the presidio, the Rock and the funny that his to bay area movies. The Rock presidio. The Embarcadero never made. The but anyway, your some of your most iconic movies and here my one stipulation is this. Not Not with the Bond I've been getting James, bondsman, shoved down my face down my throat all day long this go to. Linda Room became the famous James Bond and. Bond Bond. No no he he did. You Got Kinda say connery. Post age of fifty. Some of the most iconic roles were after the age of fifty and north of fifty. You know he he was in his sixties touchable the same with Iraq and and all that he he had a twenty year sixty s But Anyway, let's do this. I'll put Hashtag Hashtag connery on DSP Caso. So do that if you WanNa but tell me where it is in a movie. I can't go fishing for it but I'll I'll play. There's there's one from the presidio that I got a request for earlier today I played. Remembered. In the presidio he was he was a scotsman and you are Shami and less ten and colonel. Anyway we'll play the famous bar fight scene in the presidio back So. We are days away from what promises to be the most contentious presidential election since last contentious presidential election of course, in two thousand, it was it went to the Supreme Court Bush v Gore. Bush wins the will this end up like that? First of all, how can it not well, if one or the other win by a very comfy margin There there won't be the GNASHING of teeth and the furloughing of browse and the throwing rocks and the chanting in the streets and the whole thing. There's a couple. Nightmare scenarios where you get left wing people out in the streets, and as we've seen in two thousand, twenty conservative right wing people don't sit back and take it anymore. It's not a one way street the pro we saw this in Beverly Hills today. Those a trump rally, and of course, you can't have that without ANTI-TRUMP ANTIFA. Throw it all together but they just have to yell at the get because you're pro-trump they're going to have a counter demonstration Beverly Hills, declared it a illegal assembly and all that. That's a warm up. if we have one of two. Nightmare scenarios and by the way, here's the problem with with Tuesday. There's three scenarios. Two of them are nightmares. Win By comfy margin. That's the only good scenario. Minimal gnashing of teeth, some furloughing, and browse. The other two scenarios are the bad scenarios and we'll we'll go over those and. How it may affect you here in La. It'd be even have an election yet, and you saw this happen in Beverly Hills those who don't follow me on twitter I made the very low hanging fruit joke that in beverly, hills the police water cannons, spray Perrier, and the pepper balls or Firoz Dipoto but I'm Tom. It, you know when I ran a test audience saying. They. Love a laughed again, see that so. Anyway when we come back, yeah. The two scenarios that may affect your Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. All the white, maybe next Saturday. With amy I'll tell you what the other scenarios are. but what do I know about prognosticating I'm? A bright. It's here for Halloween twenty twenty. How about that Blue Moon everybody? I didn't get a catch I'll go check it out maybe during the break..

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