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I refuse to believe that residents are dealing with the crises. As we're seeing. They're only get worse than the city of boston that they have to wait for the next election to get action from the acting. Man the administration on those critical issues and that isn't just about quality of life issues of course for those residents it also is the folks who are dealing with substance use disorder and homelessness that we have to help and then lastly we can close the gap when it comes to housing. Affordability are boston public schools as well as of course economic opportunity generally and i've put out some very thoughtful plans on how to do that with very specific things which will never cover and fifteen minutes. My very specific things that folks can of course visit at my website to learn a lot more. Yes and we will. We're going to dive into some of those issues that you just listed. I do want to start with kovic. I heard somebody say earlier in the pandemic. it's not just the elephant in the room. It's the room and right now. It still feels like it is earlier. This month acting boston miracle janey mandated that all city employees be vaccinated. You have said you called for such a mandate. You did it at the end of july. Is this a case of acting mayor. Kim genie was too late. Or is this a case of better late than never from your perspective. She was too late and she still late. And i want to stress that my pushing back on the acting. Mayor is about accountability in leadership. It's not personal so i continue to exercise leadership. Not only. that's distinct. From the acting. Mayor every candidate i have recognized that this delta variant is causing severe cases of kovin. An uptick including of boston are infection. Rate is going up and we of course want to make sure our vaccination rate is going up and you want to make sure we're protecting our residents so i exercise leadership of for months saying not only should city employees be required to get vaccinated or go through a regular testing but we should also push our employers in many others to do the same and that the city of boston has to put out guidelines on that. The acting mayor has yet to do that. And i'm also pushing the acting man administration to do what new york city's doing which is to offer incentives of course for folks to get vaccinated and require proof in crowded public indoor spaces which is critical if we're going to stay ahead of the curve on these issues and if we don't we're going to set back our progress and of course that hinders our economic prosperity and. I don't wanna see that happened in the city of boston. You've said it's not personal the way you have criticized acting mayor janey for how. She's handled kobe. But it's been frequent and it's been targeted to the acting mayor. Has she done anything right in her handling of kobe since she took over the office. And if so what. It isn't personal. Just as when marty was the mary always of course held him accountable. And i would hold anyone accountable. What distinctions i'm trying to make..

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