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We learned that David created the pack, but I don't think Dream Boat and the gargoyles new still ex Bush talking to I think Owen so I think this is the first time they're learning this information, but we as the viewer knew this already, but it only brings up more questions. Because what does she mean by that? She means that they were six individuals, and then he hired them individually were they a pack of mercenaries that he made into famous TV stars. What does? Does this mean because they already had the weird animal theme Fox has the I thing. Yes, did he make her do that Oh God? It's a tattoo. None of birth market. He hold her down and tattooed her face. Well the thing that boggles my Bryan even more than all of that is. He planned all of this, so he planned for the diamond to be stolen from him, and then planned his own assassination, and we don't really know why we do is. He wants Deir Al Right? It was all it was all up what I mean. Why does he want? Derek is deluxe trying to do some weird seduction. Thing is deluxe, trying to make Derek his new Owen, are they? Trying to make Derek completely reliant on deluxe for you. Know love as many. I think it's a big ploy to piss off dream Bose's bucket with drinks I think he's fine with dream. Bow Like I think he's literally doing this because he likes making angry and he knows that Dream Boat can't actually get him on anything you know what he could do. He could go to the top of the Police Tower at eleven am with a sledgehammer. Sledgehammer he doesn't know there. I'm sorry he knows so fucking much now. He has to put together this ridiculous convoluted plan. He doesn't know what the fucking gargoyles are. I do not believe that because Fox's like You don't even understand how many steps ahead he is from you'll. She works in the same building that she put the fucking gargoyles and he doesn't know that. I refuse to believe that he didn't accidentally find. That was a big open space above her place of work. Maybe I should check their. Oh, there are weird. Statues were there weren't. So that conversation ends yeah, and Dream Boat Leaves yes. She pulls out her little cassette recorder. Phone and plays a little blip, so we can hear that she'd been recording. Fox The whole time God! That'd be so embarrassing if she forgot to record when she went. Just, fart sounds from when she was in the car or just thinking you would like. She also uses the dictate her diary and like. Goliath took. Date last night and it was wonderful. And she's like Oh. She's working on Sin Erotic. Literature. As. She doesn't realize that she didn't actually record. There's enhance ought to her brother. Office I. Mean you're writing could use some more. Do you think that Fox. Is that was going to happen. Do you think that she told all of that? To Dream, boat knowing that Dream Boat would record that or deluxe new told Fox that. Going to record if anything, it would definitely be deluxe being like all right Fox. Go ahead and tell her everything, and it would make sense that he would do that because he assumes she would think she's being sneaky. Yeah was I. don't I don't actually know how this scene ended? Because when I heard that deluxe is probably at Xanadu, his upstate retreat I started. Cracking up, it was so stupid. I literally was like fuck you over whatever was happening in the rest of the scene. I was like a foghorn of fuck you. Upstate retreat called ZANU. Did. This was that it was pretty much. I literally stopped paying attention when xanadu happened. Because my next note is about Lexington uh-huh, yeah I want to go to there. We are back in the sky, and Lexington is flying. A helicopter suddenly knows how to fly it because he didn't the day before he played video games. Yeah, in between fixing the helicopter fucking. Fix this thing. He rebuilt it. He rebuilt a added onto it. He added. Added Armor. Broadway has the fucking audacity to call a junk pile. Yes, you wonder why. Everyone hates you or do you pretty much? have it figured out dude? Everyone always shits on you and Causey. Big, fat, boy, little pig, man, you fucking wonder why Lexington literally did the impossible of course could Lexington I mean he does machines. He's the show's. Donatello so from here. We moved Xanada, fire all. Because you know any rich person who lives in New York has to have their summer house in the Hamptons, or they're. They're upstate. Retreat called Xanadu so at this point deluxe and Are Strolling through their woods. One eight say romantically. Date Walk through the park type situation and the twins move at. Some cool matching twins stealth gear. What were they doing the whole time? Do you think there's no passage of time? Maybe this is mere hours after we saw them. Get that phone call. We don't fucking now. They're just waiting. A little picnic as this date is going very well, deluxe compliments Derek on his impressive flying last night, and the smoothly slips arm over Derek shoulder and I. Don't know if you noticed during this episode, but I could feel a cold breeze picks up and the to snuggle up for warmth, because they're outside and Derek field deluxe muscular chest through his jacket and I think I slipped in the writings slash vic. I'm GonNa need you to continue that I just. It was the most warmth. Derek had felt an A. longtime emotionally physically, Derek. We can find you love elsewhere. We promise in his pants, grew two sizes too small and the criterion. I don't know how to do this. Oh. It's so good. Thank you anyway. The twins attack and they start shooting. And, then a really really bright light appears, and they're blinded. is you are forgetting the fact that the twins shot a street lamp that was in the middle of the woods in upstate new. York Xanadu is retreat of or whatever it's deluxe can't be bothered to carry a flashlight when he wants to take romantic strolls his forest, so he has street lights installed in the woods in upstate. New York yes, Okie Doke, so you were saying something about the light because. The helicopter shows. That's what the light is yeah okay. Okay all right. I'm back on board, so.

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