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Be more consistent with delivery. But still step in the right direction. Still positive to feed off of fighting the change of a little bit tonight. Change it felt better as the game. There's just the pitchers that I mean. I thought they were really good pictures. Just the movement on the most pretty tremendous. They just kind of fell off the strike zone. Not a great night for Noah Syndergaard, but a win nonetheless Mets, they tend to five victory over the Phillies tonight the series even up in the Phillies rooting for the Diamondbacks certainly tonight as they play in Arizona, and they are tied three three with the Braves that game heads to the ninth inning at chase field tonight. Arizona was down three two to entering the bottom of the eighth. Kurt Suzuki homered in the top of the eight for Atlanta. But Daniel discount so tied the game with a run-scoring devil. So the Braves are back to even if he wins, the Phillies will stay two and a half games behind Atlanta. The Mets still have to play the Braves here at city field. One more time, and then that will be on the last home stand. The Mets have to go to Philadelphia again. So the match will be right in the middle of this NFL east race down the stretch three weeks left to go in the season three weeks. From tomorrow is the final game of the year as the Mets win tonight. Ten to five. Here against the Phillies. Our guests on the post game show received a gift certificate from uncle Jack's meat house. The true American Bar and grill we wrap things up on this.

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