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Of continued until i started filling in the rest of my life and and stopping certain things and that came about the mid thirties. And then more more of the philosophies that higher ticketed Came out more just around that same time. I was asked to teach in different places in those things just emerged from a period of ten or fifteen years of teaching off the top of my head the evolution to you know the modern era for me which was ninety six. We're having written that book. ever mastering. y'all i'm wondering. Why does change happened for you. You mentioned in the mid thirties. Was there something that happened. Where this new awakening for you took place. It wasn't so much a new awakening of the fact that on some level of my creative mind. The awakening was there from the beginning. And then the rest of my life felt like it was stuck in the mud. And i couldn't actualize that except when i played or i talked to this day i consider my talent well to foltz music which also tells composing and this is the more unique town being able to explain it usually the people that are that talented. Have very You know understated explanations that don't actually you just get it as a personality thing but not will what do you do or what is it you know and i seem to be very detailed explaining it. Right live very beginning before. I was even trying to explain it. I was just answering a question or showing up for lesson and by the mid by. I'd say the mid thirties. It was just not appropriate. I thought i would be making changes. When i left my twenties. I thought okay. You did a lot of fooling around. You did a lot of crazy stuff now. you're thirty in no you I guess you'll be getting it together and becoming more responsible i mean in the seventies was a crazy time. You could be crazy and you weren't necessarily that aware of it because it was a lot of craziness around you you know until Some of viruses of the eighties And everybody suddenly you know had the cool out. But so i thought around as i'm turning the thirty this'll naturally have mature and then i realized i was addicted and stuck here. I was still doing things i said. I probably will be doing those things anymore. Because i'm thirty immature now thinking about my career more. I mean i was performing sometimes really nice things but very sporadically still these weddings. You know which. I grew to hate and hate myself or planning them. You know so. When it didn't change there was really kinda rough. And then i met my wife who i thought was healthy in every way i wanted to be and i thought well. That's that's perfect. I was like thirty one. I'll just grow along her lines and then fill in what i never was able to do before and didn't work that way at all. She's just She's still here but she was my girlfriend. But one of those people don't give up but it got to be a very big schism. Because i couldn't change my life the fact that the clock attorney thirty didn't change anything Until i intentionally around thirty five thirty six said well. I've got to do whatever. I can do change because i'm not getting the maximum amount of my talent. I'm spending little very little time thinking about my talent. I'm thinking about what. I was thinking about my twenties my wife and i well my girlfriend and i that this could never be a thing unless i could become more of a person and so i did start to do different disciplines from that time..

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