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It's one case to say in Nineteen ninety-one when there are five hundred murders in the Brooklyn South precinct that you need a gun for protection now that there are fifty something murders and I just looked up these stats. What's you don't need a gun for protection? If you didn't have the gun he wouldn't have been shot. I mean there's comes a certain point where that becomes a less sympathetic argument. I think New York City's at that point so try and get shot first of all he got arrested almost certainly illegal. I know but like thinking that you need the gun for protect yeah but like you're taking these like nice rational statistics in your imagining that if that is the world as terrarium sees it and that's just not true like he lives in a much more specific universe in which there are the people who he felt threatened by. There's lots of evidence of this in the podcast. He talks about it a lot and explains why he felt like you needed to be protected in fact a few days before he got arrested for having a gun someone ahead like Rasta sister at a party. Those people were threatening him. I'm on social media and actually came to his house so the kind of abstraction of the lower homicide and shooting rate in New York those things are some kind of factor in people's minds but your own specific universe can be telling you something different from this larger picture rate right. Is that specific or is that subjective. It's subjective objectively. It's extremely unlikely that you're going to need a gun if the if he was living in London he might say well any protection and it's a knife and it would be much better for society well yeah but I feel like we're having this conversation as if like everybody's irrational actor and has like a total grasp on all of that so first of all in poor neighborhoods in Brooklyn the threat of shooting if you're a young black guy is much higher than it is overall but even absent that at people's perceptions of being threatened can be out of date right they can be like based on all the ideas they grew up with they can be based on what they see. In the movies based on the image they want to project that kind of subjective understanding of your life like you know looking at it as blake a white middle-class person from the outside. It's just like a different view things even if it's wrong I mean look drives decision to get a gun is misguided it lands him in a lot of trouble and you know one of the other characters in my podcast talks about like this idea of guns protecting you well when he had gone him he got shot like it doesn't even work in the moment of self defense the way people wanted to so I'm not I'm not defending the notion that guns protect people. I think that's wrong. I'm just saying that I think it's important understand stand where kids are coming from and to try to like think about what could change their world view as as opposed to just dismissing it but the way to convince a kid like terrarium that he doesn't need a gun is not to point at a stat is to change his lived experience the same kid in Chicago Kogo. I might not agree with but understand more once it becomes less and less objectively true that you're likely to get shot then it becomes less and less likely that kid is going to think he has a gun and my point point. Is that the thing that affects objective truth. Are things like programs that essentially say if you have a gun. You're doing some jail time. Look I feel like now are looping back to where we were before. I just disagree with you like that and threat of deterrence turns it when you talk to the kids who are arrested for gun possession in New York. They don't give a shit about that. That's not what they're thinking about it. They set one of them said to me like I'd rather go to prison for a couple of years. Then then be dead like they do see that that is a real threat. There are neighborhoods in Brooklyn and in New York even that remained dangerous or they've grown up with that memory of danger. It feels present to them. You know you can try to talk people out of it. You can give them other options. There are lots of ways to try to work with kids is to make them understand that they are making bad choices. There's a bigger better world out there for them but the idea that threatening them with prison that that's the thing that is going to convince them not to have a gun. I just don't think so we have lots of evidence that that is does not affect their mindset in the moment. These are rash teenagers right. We're talking about people whose brains are not fully developed like young rash boys and men. They're not as rational as you're being right now. We'll kids should yeah I mean and this is one of your bullet points. Oh terrible terrible Fred Fred's this is one of your action items wanted. Kids should be treated as kids charged is the name of the book. It's also the name of the slate podcast and the name of the woman behind both of these is emily basil on thank you emily. Thanks for having me now. The spiel breaking news Alex Acosta is out as Labor Secretary Acosta out and in a stunning development to replace him. The White House brings in Russell Westbrook doc the former okay see point guard leader in points in minutes but will he be able to oversee mining safety the White House said to be considering a sign and trade that would move director of National Intelligence. Dan Coats to the New Orleans Pelicans for Lavar ball a big baller brand coming to D._C.. Lavar ball great talent but is it the right fit. Will there be enough minutes for both the talented young point guard in the Septuagenarian twitter who is clearly the Alpha dog on this team. Let's bring in Stephen Schwartz Stephen a what do you make the deal. The administration has used needs at commerce but Wilbur Ross apparently as a no trade clause as does Robert lighthizer which is very short sighted because he is the trade representative at least Ross is an expiring contract now they've clearly got to. do more in the interior david bernhardt is not proving to be a rim protector the grand canyon is just crumbling out there they could use a better energy guy than rick perry and i question their veteran leadership david wilkie head of veteran affairs this guy oh and don't get me started on their defense they need to address the defense ever since matters retired it's a huge hole in the defense mark asper this guy's barely above replacement level <hes> hold on you're not stephen a smith knob stephen schwartz oh the guy who wrote pippen and god's spell no that's stephen l schwartz just one of many guys named stephen schwartz who has an opinion in studio freight okay thank you very much sir rivers belong in they can ramble eagles as long as they can fly okay moving on here's what actually happened today president trump stood next to his labor secretary alex acosta who is stepping down over criticism that he gave billionaire though possibly only millionaire jeffrey epstein sweetheart non-prosecution deal for the crimes of sexually assaulting young women and girls today trump basically forced a cost into agreeing that he the president of the united states was put a passive participant in the labor secretaries continued labor and alex i think you'll i.

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