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York director Sam Mendes wins for his film nineteen seventeen taking the top prize in the directors guild of America awards last night over the past six years the winner of the DGA award is going to win the Best Director at the Oscars going on CBS news identifying the victim good morning it's eight oh five fifty five degrees headed to a high in the mid sixties I'm Jay are cool this is the KRLD Sunday morning news Dallas police have identified the victim of a homicide whose body was found Thursday in Crawford park in southeast Dallas cording to a DVD report on Thursday Dallas police responded to a caller reporting a dead person near the east tree line of Crawford park in pleasant Grove upon arrival of your son and identified Latin male face down and he appeared to have died of homicidal violence on Friday the Dallas County medical examiner's office identified that victim is Franklin Alexander Ricardo sixteen anyone with information regarding this crime should call the Dallas police department my goal newsradio ten eighty KRLD Dallas police are also asking for the public's assistance in a homicide investigation Anthony Lee moss on January second the Dallas police responded to a shooting call it see you in the sixty one hundred block of concerto lane upon arrival to officers found the victim forty seven year old Anthony Lee moss line in the middle of the street with multiple gunshot wounds homicide detectives learned the victim was apprehended by two black males or was approached by two black males before being shot and they fled the scene running east bound in the sixty one hundred block of signing hills Dr police allege that Darien Alain and Kim Ron leaks are responsible for the death of Mr mas anyone with information regarding their whereabouts are encouraged to contact their local police department or crime stoppers the victims of Friday's industrial explosion in Houston have been identified Frank Flores and Harada accounts to ring you had arrived early of once and grinding in manufacturing to use the gym they were killed when the blast ripped through the building just before four thirty AM a person who lives nearby was transported to a hospital eighteen other people suffered minor injuries and check themselves into emergency rooms investigation continues the what caused the blast but the chemical involved is propylene used to produce films fibers in plastic packaging Houston police chief art Acevedo said the twenty five homes in the affected area are uninhabitable some were blown off foundations windows were shattered and doors were blown off their free David world news radio ten eighty K. R. L. D. a three year old girl has been shot in a gun fight between police and a six year old male suspect during a drug raid at a West Texas house the Texas department of public safety says Midland police officers were serving a search warrant at a house in east Midlands Wednesday night when a gun fight ensued with the teenage suspect in which the girl was wounded B. B. S. sergeant Oscar Valerie all said Friday that the girl was in stable condition at a hospital and the team was taken into custody a man identified as the father of the suspect and the wounded girl Louise Gomez told K. O. S. a television that both his daughter and son were shot Gomez says as police executed a search warrant his son was shot in the arm and his daughter was shot in the back John Martin Dempsey newsradio ten eighty KRLD Texas Rangers fans got to tour the new globe life field yesterday from ten AM to three PM the free peek at the park event allowed fans get an up close look at the Rangers new home which is now ninety percent complete Russell Harris who attended the Saturday event is excited about the retractable roof enables come out in July and not sweat that's going to be the biggest thing they're gonna love it there has been a big problem for all these years now you don't have to worry about it country superstar Chris Stapleton performs March fourteenth at globe life fields first official event in the Rangers play their first regular season home game at the new ballpark.

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