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Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no conscious. Got a lot of stuff. My mind. Been off the airwaves. Since Friday like December toward twenty-first. I've been gone pretty much the last twelve days or so happy new year to everybody. Let's make two thousand and nineteen even graded in two thousand eighteen was hope you're all had absolutely happy and wonderful holiday season. Wish you all nothing, but the best now that I've got the pleasantries out of the way. I couldn't wait. To get back to work today. I couldn't wait to do the radio. I know my man Jonathan Mann JC and others missed me mistrial to debit. But I got a lot of stuff on my mind. You really? And by the way, let me be very clear don't expect a hair damn guest. Today. Not interested in talking to anybody. I don't wanna guess I don't want my time in the ruck. Dick got a lot of stuff off my chat to get off. My chest. That'd be holding stuff. If days for the entire two hours, with the exception of commercial breaks, which by the way, I could do without sometimes let me be very very clear don't expect to hear from nobody. But me today. This is my time. Oh, I couldn't wait for the day. You really really think I didn't have anything to say about all these firi-? There was taking place in the National Football League. Get to that a second. Let me say this. About Antonio Brown. Ben rothlisberger. Mike Tomlin my Pittsburgh Steelers missing the playoffs. What a damn shame. I mean, when you consider the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the offensive firepower that they have even without Levy on bell. Conor at your running back. Even though he missed the last four games Antonio Brown. Juice juice to to number one ounce. You got he li- Rogers who can ball too. You got Vance McDonald Jesse James at the tight end spot. You gotta start off of line. You got to Super Bowl champion at your quarterback spot. Your play within an AFC north division that you up by lease two games with seven two one record after winning six string. Only to flop over the last five or six weeks season. And that would only nine victories on the season losing for your last six games. And losing a division. Where rookie quarterback Baker may feel was one guy and other guy was a rookie. Lamar Jackson and other t would a hapless Cincinnati Biggles who finally came to their damn centers and got rid of Marvin Lewis. You're the Pittsburgh Steelers with that roster. A you don't make the playoffs. Is inexcusable. I'm a huge huge fan of Mike Tomlin as you all know. No, I do not believe for one second. He deserves to be fired. That's just unbelievable that people would even come with that nonsense..

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