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Thank you coming up next on a it's the time that we welcome in the other he's in our virtual green room getting ready for his weekly appearance on the show and he might hear them in the background he's kind of gurgling working on his voice and i'm going to spring this on them hopefully i'm going to kind of move over here to our quiet sound room but the the other and i have always wanted a little girl and i was thinking to myself i was looking at the one hundred best animated movies of all time and i was thinking if i had a little girl what would i let her watch on this list and the answer is a handful of them i don't know that would've wanted to watch all of them i think the little prince i think toy stories are fine i think the many adventures of winnie the pooh winnie the up from the seventies member winnie the pooh i mean of course you remember when either because they air it constantly every every year so that's not new animation and it is interesting to look at the list and look at old animation and new animation and some of what has changed in the storytelling a little bit and also in the length of some of these movies you know like i was thinking number one on the list may surprise you number two might surprise you i don't think number three number five surprised me it's not a movie that is just that old how exciting riveting stuff and you're not gonna move the other coming up next on atm with me kate delaney if you or anyone you love has been diagnosed with lung cancer as best hostess or measles lioma your diagnosis may be the result of job related exposure to as best as and you may.

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