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Live in your community, you can always count on them to be there when you need the most. Plus When you bundle home and auto you can save. So call your local Allstate agent today. Are you in good hands? Time for your KNBR half past headlines sponsored by G V Capital, a leading investment portfolio management firm off sports sports. I'm Adam Cos you're half past headlines for Wednesday, September 30th 2000 and 20 Days lost Game one of the National League wildcard three. Excuse me, the American League wildcard three games set yesterday to the Chicago White Sox. It was a break you angle and granddaughter, who all homered for the Sox. Lucas Giolito carried a perfectly into the seventh inning, finished with seven innings, pitched two hits allowed These Lose that game. For the one They are back in action today, 12 O'clock first pitch from the Coliseum Chris Bassett against Dallas cycle, but we've got some baseball for you right here on the sports. Leaders of airwaves on KNBR 10 50. Today you can get James and raised Game too, started 12 45 today and then later this evening, you will get Game one of the N BA Finals. It's the Miami heat against the Los Angeles Lakers. Does your half past Headlines Micro Co in the Power hour joins Morphin at best. Ladies and gentlemen, Sports leader welcomes you Don't murder and Max power that it all No commercials. No, B s no around start starting with my crew co followed by today's top 6666. Top six sports stories and capped off with a cooler content to be a lot cooler. If you did exactly what you want, and everything you need, so grab your copy. What? Pound your juice, Good Jew because Murph in Max Power Hour begins. I look for these shows more now than ever of America's past time, he's back on the diamond. Even though we're in the midst of this pandemic, Nothing can stop his love of the game to be talking about. Here's everyone's fever. Right hander number 39 staring down my Crew Co. With Murphy sponsored by your Northern California Honda dealers..

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