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Here in the studio with the fabulous Nauert Michelle Hi everyone where like so amped up right now. So amd up because I know we say this a lot but this episode truly is one of our best interviews today. Today we had Jena Sims on she's the girlfriend of Brooks Koepka. He is one of the best golfers in the world and she is probably like one of the most amazing people I've ever met like is that girl not like an absolute angel she walked out of here and I'm like, okay. But like do you want to hang out? Why are you leaving shows also so open and she shared so much info about her life personal details that everybody is probably wondering about her. So me and her have a very interesting history basically, she should hate me and she doesn't which I think makes her like the coolest guy on the planet and we will tell that story. So that is coming up. We're just we just can't get enough of her and I. Think you guys are going to be like absolutely obsessed with her I can't believe you. I talked about what you talked about and I'm still like in shock it would just took place I've never seen anything like it. The story main roads, jaw drops that is coming. Okay. narrowed. How is your weekend weekend was good big milestone ladies and gentlemen I hosted my first housewarming with my boyfriend although we don't live together. He does stay with me like two to three days a week feel like it's like semi living together now really my invite got Lewiston the mom okay Sophie Sophie was uninvited everybody. Wasn't gonNA bring it up but I just had to say why not? Bring, wait till the podcast would bring up most awkward thing. I just. Looked, great. I'll tell you later while you weren't invited say now there's a result. Well, there was a fresh born baby that couldn't be around and you think I am a high risk of corona due. Okay. That's. Me Giving. The Baby Coronas I wasn't invited the guys. This is me literally just finding this out for the first time. I wasn't invited to narrate a Knicks housewarming party because they think I am a corona risk by the way I get tested for krona all the time because I agree people who look my instagram stories, they're not very happy with me. They think I've been a little reckless I just. I'm sick of being stuck in lockdown I can't have that kind of bad publicity around the home team podcast, and if it gets out that you gave a newborn krono will be done for, and so I'm looking out for us, I don't have. But I do get why people would think. I totally get it. I understand my mom made me get tested before I went home like everyone thinks that I am high risk and my life is pretty risky. So I understand thanks for taking the feedback attacking me. Anyways, hosted the first house warming as a team which was awesome. Well, here's the thing I posted a lot of like wonderful dishes on my instagram. I left out the fact that my mom made all of it and all I did was put in the oven but I, did take credit for it at the party. So everyone was like, wow, this is so delicious and didn't actually say that I didn't make it. I'm living ally but who cares it looks like you made it and That's all that counts. Yeah. Fake it till you make sure and it went. Well, it was fun while I'm very proud of you who's very mature and adult. Thank you. I went on two dates this weekend not one but two two I haven't gone on a first date in a while because I banned them because it was just like not for me and I decided to try again things dating still not for me. I'm not going to get into it because these guys were not bad guys and they were not bad dates. So they're not gonNA make like content. You know just not my future husbands. Yeah. Okay. Guess who got shit for this you guys take one lucky guest me I get a text himself. Either says, why did you let me break the rule? Why did you let me go on the state and I'm like I didn't win I didn't know I said that but can't. Yeah that was after Friday night state. Yeah. Something very exciting for me happened I hit a career. Milestone narrowed would you like to know what that is? Please tell me my face has been put on vibrator a company made vibrator with my face on it. They went and found a photo that they liked me and they silkscreen screened it onto a vibrator and now I am on the vibrator. They deemed me telling me that like they loved me and they wanted to put my face on my brain didn't answer and then I check again and they sent me a photo of a vibrator with my vote on it and I immediately answered them and said send me that. Send me that because I want to use his vibrator I'm not going to use a vibrator with my own face on it, but it is hundred percent going on display somewhere and it was on my instagram because it is so entertaining. The fact that someone's job was to screen print your photo onto vibrator and like make sure it's even like perfect place like the concept is beyond me someone damning being like you know you made it when your faces on vibrator I'm like fuck in right like. A made it mom and it's by a company called go fuck yourself and honestly I think this would be like the best gift idea for a dude to get a girl or a girl to get a girl league lake is like if I were to get you a gift I, would get you a vibrator with Nick's face on it because it would be funny..

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