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Wins. News time three forty five from the WFAN sports desk. Here's John minko. Susan right now ten game hit streak for Yankee DJ. Lemay Huhne's been playing primarily second base. Forty six over the last ten games tonight at the stadium. Yanks the Seattle Mariners. It's a series finale Yankee lineup tonight my Miguel. Do har- will be at third base. Lemay who will be the first basement tonight and the latest on Yankee outfielder Aaron Hicks? He will play with Scranton AAA Scranton this weekend. And the plan is for a Monday Asian off the injured list sa- Cambridge history for the Mets. Just one win six of their neck nine will be the Marlins mezza Marlins tomorrow night out at city field. NBA playoffs in game five warrior win over the rockets. Well, Golden State's Kevin Durant. Stay a right calf strain. He will be reevaluated next week coach Steve Kerr I've seen that before with guys who heard their achilles. And so that was my first. Question. And I was sure that it was it's the calf to cap strain and not particularly bobby's Durant will be out for game six figure if the Sixers going to force a game seven of their Eastern Conference final series with Toronto. They will need a big effort from Joel N beat. He's been bothered by sore left. Knee thirteen point six rebounds, eight turnovers in that game five long though, you always want to not think he pushes us too. So dozen important game. When the go home. So we got a good outlet. It's a must win game. Six of the blazers down three to Denver sports. Fifteen forty five around the clock Java. Khotan win sports. Fifty eight degrees. Cloudy skies, going down to fifty two and midtown wins. News time three forty seven. President Trump on another rant about Robert Muller, which is building a better Bank. Look like it starts with building Capital, One cafes warm inviting places that feel nothing like typical Bank..

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