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What they did in an effort to stop that is they pulled oxy's out of society pretty much dwindled that right down restricted it we gotta get these out of the medicine cabinets these kids are getting addicted everybody's getting addicted when they did that they created they hear when that but them i at the oxy's no more when i was getting for twenty dollars is now cost me eighty dollars i'm just i have to go back to i'm going to go and i'm going to do they don't because three bags for thirty dollars we'll get them by times higher than one as pill and now those eighty pills are through the roof now i can't afford them it's basic economics so all of these people switch to the cheaper drug heroin because the cheaper drug in the fact that they can no longer get the oxy's that they were addicted to so that's what created this first way and then what we have done now is if you look at this history we just took the other most to abused pain medications out of society or we've restricted them which is percocet invited and so you're going to start seeing over the next it's already starting to happen now but over the next three to five years you're going to see flood and i mean a flood of fifty and sixty year old hard core percocet in here biking addicts that have switched heroin because for years they were able to slow too long by illegal prescription percocet i know some people that'll buy three hundred percents in one month that's over for him he's been a switch their nine out of the ten people that i know that we're doing this already switch they are when they're already on boxing program so this is what's coming his in there was probably she's rolling in society for short.

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