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All right everybody welcome. I'm to the owls once was lost. PODCAST with the continuing ballad of Jeffrey Vance. So we're moving into into episode three. The one that I feel is the most important to date We obviously will have an additional episode with all of those theories from the family which is going to blow this up because of all of the additional evidence that they have found concerning this case that they've been able to collect but unfortunately the Douglas Cownie any Sheriff's Office is. I don't know if they're playing games or what's going on. But they are not providing riding the information which is Really Freedom of information at this point. It's a closed case but to get the audio of the interviews The people that were interviewed when they were considered at least suspects or people of interest to begin with along along with the nine one. One call you know so that would be really nice to have right now. So we're going to work on getting that stuff and so so possibly even have an additional episode after We speak with Angela and Jennifer Jeff sister in Kayla his best friend so on and so forth on their theories but right now we're focused on the two women that really..

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