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Ventura County assistant fire chief Chad cook says they have ground crews working there where they can. But it is it's dangerous work, and it's tough to get up in there. This is extremely rocky steep terrain. And it's not often it's not conducive to heavy equipment more than a dozen planes and helicopters dropped watering retarded until a massive fire cloud gave way to clear skies. Cook says the flare up burn about fifteen hundred acres the seats deadliest in most destructive wildfire was even more destructive than thought Cal fire says seventy six hundred homes have burned around the northern California town of paradise the fire has also grown deadlier. Additional six human remains recovered which brings the total to forty eight. All six of those remains were located in paradise. Butte county sheriff Corey Honi says he's ordered some of his exhausted SAF take days off, many of them have lost homes. Just like the people. They're trying to help the national guard has been called in to help. And find to identify remains the fire has burned one thirty five hundred thousand acres. It's thirty five percent contained some people affected by the fire. Have sued Pacific Gas and electric they're accusing the utility of negligence for failing to manage and maintain its infrastructure and power lines. The lawsuit alleges the fire started when a high voltage transmission line failed and ignited brush, the US interior secretary. Ryan Zinke is scheduled to visit both northern and southern California this week to learn about the wildfires. He'll start today in the north. We're going to talk traffic.

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