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Ap beyond belief as a podcast by four about people who have found a secular path to sobriety and alcoholics anonymous. Today my guest is glenn s who wrote a wonderful book titled twenty-five years of listening Over a twenty five year period attending. Aa meetings glenn brought a sketchbook with him To these meetings that he used to write down little pearls of wisdom that he would here at the meetings and also to sketch the people that were around him so after some time he realized that he has a bit of a treasure trove here that he decided to share with the rest of us much to our benefit. So hi glen. Welcome to beyond belief so nice to have you here. I jot thrilled to be here. I love your book now. They told you when i when i was reading that A lot is is really interesting. A lot of the little sayings that you wrote down. I've heard in meetings around here in kansas city but a lot of them i didn't hear and but i got the sense when i was reading your book that i was actually an aa meeting. I felt like i was at my home group having coffee with my friends. That's that's the feeling that i got from reading your book. I was actually trying to trying to do that. It's it's so funny the things you're pointing at things you've heard in your local meetings that you read in the book is there is kind of the universality of this. The people really do pick up on things. I've been to meetings and moscow comparisons and flint michigan at every rock right and you keep hearing the similar things and i thought this is just awful. These things are just sifting through my fingers like sand on the beach of. They should be shared the collected. Yeah yeah and. I'm glad that you decided to do that. Why don't we. Why don't we start with the story of of book by telling your story you know what about you. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the program recovery of ours. I'm drunk. I'm i'm an alcoholic and i came into the program in nineteen eighty five. I think at that point. I'm richard dawkins atheist sam sam harris. You know mark twain whatever so should right on the red. I just can't bear that step at that point. My sobriety meant so much to me..

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