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Focused on community performing the star spangled banner please welcome that healdsburg high school greyhound band all right national anthem here in san francisco well done by the kids and we get you ready for the ball game giants and the colorado rockies game one of four first meeting either here or in denver i head to head matchup between these two national league west rivals in two thousand eighteen and we will play four here and then the jazz going to see the rockies on the next road trip in colorado and and that will be a series it starts on memorial day three games before the giants head back home anyway rockies are twenty three and twenty they played very well away from home and they've played a lot of games away from home twenty five of them in fact one of the highest totals of any team in the big leagues and they're sixteen and nine away from courses a little different rockies team this year with pitching and defense as opposed to just the pure chorus field homerun slugging rockies offense we've seen so many times in the past here's your lineup for tonight rockies have charlie blackmon their superstar centerfielder in center and hitting leadoff gherardo par the leftfielder bats second nolan arnaldo at third base batting third carlos gonzales did not expect him the rockies didn't expect him to be back this year but here he is hitting cleanup in starting in right field trevor story to shortstop is the fifth place at our ian desmond at first base hits in the number six tony walters is the catcher and he will bat semi daniel castro starting at second base dj lemay you his on the disabled list and they miss him castro second babysitting eighth straight pitcher for the rockies is the right hander chad bettas he has a track record of success against the giants he's pitch some of his very best games in his career against the giants the overall numbers don't look all that great but he has had some real individual highlights against the giants bettas who foreign one with a three one to he's having a good year for colorado meanwhile the giants.

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