Ukrainian Government, Donald Trump, Chelsea Clinton discussed on Sean Hannity


Information came from the russians to this christopher steel guy how colmey wanted a higher him and our how the democrats repeated it even now adam schiff in large part because i don't know anyone else that's covering it had to respond to the democrats getting to help from ukraine this weekend listen let me ask you i understand hillary clinton law center stand this effort was not as elaborate as as as the russian efforts but was it acceptable or wouldn't have been acceptable for the democrats to accept help from the ukrainian government in this campaign unknown when via for the democrats to accept help from the ukrainian government of i think if you look at the political article and we're talking about just a a single article here if you accept all the facts in the article the scale of what the russians did is not comparable to anything in that article if it were the comparable analogy would be that the ukrainian president directive ukraine intelligence agencies to steal the hack donald trump's campaign steel emails publish them direct to the social media army to influence the election and sat down its represented sat down with chelsea clinton and john podesta in which they indicated they wanted the dirt on donald trump there's no suggestion anything of that magnitude for the scale acknowledged that this is problematic as did this ukrainian meetings problem matic and your oil it would be problematic to get any kind of support from a foreign government but again i think to compare the two is a bit like comparing a bank robbery with the writing a check with insufficient funds both appropriate money from the bank uh improperly flood of very different degree of seriousness and involvement in this case by a foreign government that's wrong that last part is wrong because what if anything it had a big impact on the campaign they went after manafort in a contributed to manafort leaving they also have real collusion that from ukraine the ambassador the dnc operative paid to the dnc to the.

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