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You k. I'm with my senate. Division not like the eagles are a juggernaut of a team danny cents. Turn into danny dime there one in seven right now. We made some bad statements this morning. That might be the worst. But what did they make the playoffs. Though at one in seven days what if how because they just go on the run in the eagles start just play like the eagles one in seven to play. What do what do you see the way they played the bucks. If he doesn't throw those picks in they hit and he hits any hits a running back on a little out. Put it in overtime. They might win that game. They playing good football. They just got turned a corner in eagles. What are the eagles gonna show like what eagles are going to show up. What are you doing. I'm not arguing with you. Don't wanna seven izhar. there's no question about it. They should be looking to next year's draft but anything can happen. They've lost games by four three to regain except for the niner game where they lost by like twenty five every game they have been in the nine team a seven hundred nineteen in division. What did they run off enough to be seven and nine mathematically feasible. But i mean they have been near though the close a lot of games they just daniel. Jones has thrown for eight picks. Nine pixel ready in eight games. I don't think that they are going to the playoffs. But what if they do over. Let's have some fun when joe forton bar gambling guy joins us. I'll ask him. What are the odds that the giants could go one in seven to the playoffs right. We'll ask him. We'll have some fun with him when he joins us one in seven to the playoffs. Okay back to reality. Partic- west russell. Wilson is good enough to consistently make up for the seahawks defensive deficiencies i think they. It's real But their defense is slightly getting better here every week that they get back out there. They're getting a little bit better a little bit better. Jamal adams has not been the lineup. The last several weeks. They'll eventually get him back. Carlos dunlap was traded to add. Some pressure brought over to add some pressure to the defense to get at the quarterback because they clearly saw with Mary was able to do to them. When he put the ball in the air but yeah wrestles certainly can make up for deficiencies on the off on the defensive side of the ball. Well i think those pieces coming back that changes the conversation around about their defense. 'cause jamal adams is a beast. I mean he. He is legitimately a beast. I think brussels numbers will average out but in game scenarios. Yes he can carry them from time to time. But i think deepens that actually pan out when it's all said and done let's fly through these last two and if c north the bears are good enough to make this race with the packers. That's statement. is that a strong statement or write statement or wrong statement right statement. I think it's real. You know it is just one of those two weeks ago. Nick foles beat tom. Brady and the first thing we've seen well then they went out later stinker now. We're off of him again now. It's should they play trubisky. We don't know which green bay team is gonna show up week to week so i don't see how you can automatically council chicago. Bears out of the equation of making a strong run to win the division. I just don't see how you do it just quite yet well about doing. I'll cancel i. I said before. I think this was not a real situation. I think the bears are a great defensive team. Offensively anemic at times. And i said they will lose three in a row. They lost two in a row. Now they're going into tennessee. We'll see but i think at tennessee. I'm sure when. Joe comes on a show foreign ball. They are favored in this ball. Game all right last one. Of course tennessee ended. The tom brady era in new england. Of course he's the bucks are. Nfc south question. Tom brady tampa. Bay's defense can keep playing at this elite level keyshawn israel. Yeah they could keep planted elite level but the other key other teams within the conference. I'll start to play better as well. They'll separate themselves these four teams. You'll start to see who to really teams or between the green bay. Packers the seattle seahawks as well as the tampa bay bucks in the new orleans saints. I don't see base slowing down at all. I think the best defense in the nfl. And i think they're gonna keep going as simple. Those are declared if statements that symbol. Wanna give a shout to the wringer. It's as simple to log onto the website. Checkout that article if you want. They gave us some good stimulation this morning to think about every division in the nfl. By the way. Joe foreign mazari gambling expert. If you're unaware we have once a week and he'll be new he'll be on tomorrow morning at eight ten so we can ask him. How a one in seven team can end up making the playoffs and how you can make money doing that. Indeed the giants play in new jersey and they would be living on a prayer indeed key if you could go from one and seven to the playoff municipal because being from jersey. I want every song it'd be like. Bon jovi bruce springsteen stuff like that. That's that's on me and the chairman of the board frank sinatra. I hope those three guys from new jersey. I really really hope those three guys are from new. Jersey cannot afford another mistake ottomans. Let's go to sports center and then back to more cowboy doc..

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