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And Baker Baker. Getting a lot of extended minutes his career derailed by injury. Only is third game. Is I extended as a Wildcats? Luke. Adrian. Turns it over again second time Koby white without pressure has lost the handle and his talents and gift in Kentucky the basket while. They've got some confidence and Baker though, I'll tell you that. John Calipari questioned by his assistant you want to subpoena Washington in here offense defense, he says, no. Baker calls the break. One fifteen before halftime thirty nine twenty nine Kentucky. Quickly between the race spouse tasks the Baker spins to face, let pivot toss left for hero. It's a smaller guard on dominated unit for the Wildcats. Kiro outside light defended by William spouse has to Travis was one thousand. Get Cameron Johnson here. The first Cameron Johnson hasn't been much of a factor. Washington now comes in for Richard not at all. And that's been a factor for North Carolina. They needed to score Travis at the line. Cameron Johnson leads North Carolina's sixteen and a half points per game. Lease the ACC and outside shooting. And he has five points doesn't have a three point make here. Travis free throw. Good Manley in leaky, blackout North Carolina gets a bit bigger Carolina's look disjointed. Don't you think? John. I'm just not you've been intriguing even in the half court and transition just not. Those turnovers by Kobe white. Second free throw off ir. Rebound cameron. Johnson Colby white is usually they're athletic answer to hagan's. But that's probably where the dual shined to Kentucky's side of the. Mania right side defended by Washington tries to drive pull up on the right end line is good. Does john. He's made a lot of those that his career forty two thirty one he likes it. Having a big slower guy like PJ Washington garden. Kentucky dribbles up thirty seven seconds about a twelve. Second differential Baker. Travel look right for. Quickly loses handle down the lane picked up by may. But a bad headman is stolen by hero of the backward. Right Shacklock turned off Kentucky calls it's use it or lose it. Twenty four point six seconds. Forty.

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