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The name of tom brady who will this is the thing because of the significant number of injuries um that we've seen not only at other positions um but at quarterback i'm aaron rodgers we saw the same thing with derrick car but later in the season so he had already had a significant season that he could actually be considered so there were more people typically involved in the race than we see this you you have tom brady who regardless of what the speculation is he's the best player on the best team having a tremendous season todd gurley and the only way that you can even get in this conversation is if you're performing at a historic level and or you have some type of turn around either in your organization or you're at a recordbreaking pace as far as planks mian scored no todd girlie in his impact on the rams and on the nfl yes he should be in the conversation but it's the way it should be tom brady's had the best season but todd girlie you should look at the totality of his work and be like yes he should be in in vegas typically they got it right he's the second high favorite as far as the the ranking of money how much money so brady's of minus about one fifty girlie or minus one eighty guerrillas plus one fifty celebrating those two guys brady's about three times as likely according to vegas to be the mvp but no one else is even better than thirty to one so those are the two guys are in contention according to vague and that's the way it should be it if todd bureau is second it makes you you should go back and look at the numbers to be like wow what kind of season this guy's head and if you took in consideration the lack of productivity had last year three seasons ago we go he was great last season has no end to see the worry is now.

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