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News now the latest numbers in our area there are more than thirty four hundred confirmed cases with more than sixteen hundred in Maryland more than twelve hundred in Virginia and we have nearly five hundred covert nineteen cases in DC more than fifty people across our region have died in all more than thirty thousand people in the area so far have been tested for the virus it's seven oh six northern Virginia alone may need multiple field hospital sites to accommodate a big projected surgeon hospitalizations over the next two months now WTOP has learned where those sites are planned to national conference center in Loudon they don't expose center in Fairfax county and the George Mason University facility in the city of Fairfax since William county executive Chris Martino the second tier of US sites that includes the Hilton garden inn and the esco Commons they can haul it Jim you have to science and technology campus and then additional facilities at the GMU campus enough Fairfax all these would come after hospitals have added beds in existing facilities and campuses what's not clear is how these would be staffed or supplied since nationwide shortages remain and hospitals don't have extra technicians doctors or nurses the states considering using volunteers the National Guard or other solutions Max Smith WTOP news well still ahead on W. T. O. P. some very serious numbers from the White House tonight predicting at least a hundred thousand people are expected to die from corona virus in the U. S. and the number could be as high as a quarter million but they say a lot of that is up to us whether we continue to frequently wash our hands to stay away from one another to not gather in large groups maybe that number can be lowered and as long as we're on the subject sure we all start wearing those masks to protect ourselves you see people increasingly in the U. S. doing it you certainly have been seeing people for years overseas doing that the CDC is considering whether to suggest maybe even order that most of us wear masks we'll talk with an expert from NC state she advises the CDC during the one of.

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