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Into the holiday our top stories in the wbz newsroom a student is now in custody following a shooting at an indiana middle school that wounded classmate and a teacher police in portland oregon have arrested a driver suspected of crashing into three people on a sidewalk and then leaving the scene reuters is reporting this afternoon the results of an exit polls showing that irish voters have approved liberalizing abortion laws in today's referendum police the toronto area still looking for suspects in a restaurant bombing last night two men in hoodies with their faces covered entered the bombay bell restaurant in the toronto suburb of mississauga they dropped an improvised explosive device and fled the aidi went off injuring three people critically another twelve received minor injuries police said this point say they have no reason to believe this was a terrorist attack but it has shaken the community mayor bonnie crombie i would call it a very heinous reprehensible act police are combing the restaurant in a nearby field and are asking the public for help identifying the suspects danielle cappelli abc news toronto another eruption at the summit of a volcano in hawaii sends an ashqulon up about ten thousand feet in the air people in town south west of the killer way of all kaneohe warned that the winds may carry that ash their way small ash explosions coming from the summit from time to time lava keeps flowing into the ocean about fifty buildings including dozens of houses have been destroyed since these fissures began opening up in backyards three weeks ago all the atlantic hurricane season doesn't officially kick off for another week but there's already a named storm heading from the caribbean into the gulf of mexico which could affect several u s states with the threat of strong winds heavy rains at high surf residents and visitors all along the gulf coast this memorial day weekend are being urged to keep an eye on alburto we have to be prepared and i just want the people to to know that we're working with them governor john bel edwards the cone of possible landfalls on memorial day stretches from louisiana through mississippi and alabama across the florida panhandle in new orleans mayor latorre cantrell says everyone needs to be on the same page important that we're working together dave cohen for cbs news new orleans the us forest service is getting rid of a bridge in the.

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