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There tell fix what's going on will now way i was explained to me and like i have forty year old cells in my body that are trying to fix this injury. Now they put in you know. Basically you know weeks old cells that multiplied much faster more efficiently and stronger as so now. Your healing process just goes through the roof. And just accelerates all the things and makes possible. What is impossible anymore. It's like hey look you're in your forties fifties. Things just aren't going to go as well as it was when you were eighteen but you can actually turn back that clock by borrowing you know. Basically you know brand new cells in your body. We're in the future. How does it work. You know you see all these You hear people talk about all sorts of memory and and you know my dad's gonna turn ninety. I've sitting sitting with him the other day and it's like everything he just goes i. I can't think of the word. Like i can't think i can think of the name of this guy can't think of the word you know the near you know it it. You notice it as you get older you go. What was that Play pop warner football with that guy. Its name like that kicks in. I hear about stem cell as it pertains to the muscles and the joints but the physical part. But i don't feel like you've got blood going through your brain point. You have a blood bank brain barrier. So if i put a lot of if you put a medicine in your your your arteries it doesn't necessarily get to your brain. Your brain is very protected. Your body you know keeps bacteria and different things entering them so that you have this barrier that doesn't allow a lot of things to transfer over so you can take certain medicines but it's never going to get to your brain and actually just doing the stem cells intravenously. Your brain is one area. That has a hard time getting too. So what they do there as l. Actually give you basically a spinal tap you sit there pull out spinal fluid so they don't put too much in you and your and this is a surgical procedure. So you're basically in a room with a guy you know An urologist and they Pull the they mix your spinal fluid with the stem cells. Whatever is and so that way they take out twenty. I don't know the exact numbers thrown out there. They're only injecting back. Twenty of liquid but now the liquid is mixed with stem cell. And so now they pump directly into your your cord and so that way it goes right to the brain and benefits some people. My friend did the That version of it out that. Jim abandoned that version of it. They call it concussion. Protocol type have had like myself who've had multiple head injuries You have inflammation going on inside the head and this can go through and help. Prepare those things bosco. Say i'd do it but that was such a question i asked. Maybe it's unnecessary decent still. I wouldn't say over the sharm. No but it's it is interesting that why just the joints. Why not the noggin. And i never would have thought about this barrier but going with the with the spinal tap and then yeah guys that have been alive. And but i'm also you know thinking selfishly like you know comedians. They get a little older. They kind of get a little fuzzy up there. I wonder if that's i wonder if that could be something that could be. The last time i was there i only did my joints and i did the intravenously one They were basically the week. They tried to fit me in. I wasn't able to get into the surgical room to do the The surgical procedure part as far as the The concussion protocol thinks they had named it there So this next time. I'm going down on november bringing my daughter because she has injuries to already. At this point you know so so we're going to go there and that's actually when procedures billups walks. Next time i come in could be more of a testimony if it works. We'll be able to have a before. And after i'm speaking now. Yeah and then. Let's see how when you come out. Yuck indubitably to to to at least a little bit better for concussions. I've had is for the most part. I'll look at other guys when they speak. I'm never gonna say maine's but you know there's certain fighters that are fighting for awhile and you hear them talk and you're like ooh that doesn't sound good. That's rough and i always am self conscious about my own. I tell my wife. Hey i think this is one of those things that when it's happening to you you don't know what else could be came anne frank what's going on with that sad. What happened right. So i'm like please don't be that guy that doesn't know if i need a sippy cup. Please let me know that's a. That's a good partner. We've talked about the allegations Skin boots guy part wife to make sure to say something. Obscene is. Checkers and mma is chest. Yes that is you know. And maybe we should get maybe thomas. The hitman hearns can proudly use a little alligator boots bio checking wearing elegant. Now i have no. If you're not worrying alligator boots your wife makes you go back and put them on the all right. Go with me. Crocodile boots fair to me adjuster. Purple now is funny. What are the chances you always say. Now i i say this all the time but it's a broader discussion which is like the ever said guys a.

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