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With jordan goodman america's money answers man what's about a time interest rates were sky sky high well into the double digits back in the jimmy carter era some forty years ago and then they came down and down and down and way down and they've been really way down for a long long time then they began to sort of bubble up a little bit but but no big deal and now jordan goodman what are they really waking up what's happening yes they are so today the ten year treasury went up to two point nine five percent which is the highest it's been in a long time and it's been a year ago maybe two percent a little bit lower than that and it's going up traveling i think it's going to go through three percent maybe up to three and a half percent of this year so several reasons that's happening jim first of all the treasury is barring a huge amount of money to cover the deficits now it's wonderful we have the tax cut and it helps the private sector but it means the government is collecting less tax revenue and they had a big spending bill remember on top that they out of the three hundred billion to the spending bill so we're doing less revenue more spending bigger deficits and that means the treasury has to cover it they're gonna issue well over one trillion dollars in new debt this year so that's putting up repression interest rates because the fed the treasury just keeps putting out more and more that all the time these auction that's the first thing and the economy in general is doing better meaning more demand for loans and also interest a inflation is going up in various ways and one of the specific reasons that recently made inflation go up is the steel and lumina m tariffs of twenty five percent of steel and ten percent aluminum now still that's being imported has those tariffs on it and that's making companies pay more for steel aluminum and all the things that going so those tariffs imposed yes stealing aluminum have actually gone they.

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