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Dot com. Patrick thoughts are continuing in the Senate race in Florida. Governor Rick Scott, one victories before judges in Palm Beach and Broward counties to have authored vote counting transparency under Florida law. Meanwhile, it race there remains too close to call democrat Hairston cinema has taken a narrow lead over Republican Martha mcsally in the Arizona Senate contest cinema pulled out to a slim ninety six hundred vote lead. Over MC Sally with a half million ballots. Still to be counted. The majority of those uncounted votes are in Maricopa County home to cinemas congressional district along with Florida, which is headed to a recount and Mississippi which will hold a special election late this month. Arizona is one of three Senate races without a declared winter capital. Correspondent Wally Hindes president. Trump is defending his choice of Matthew Whitaker for acting attorney general even as he keeps his distance the man, he's appointed the nations top law enforcement officer Whitaker has a great reputation. And that's what I wanted. The acting attorney general's facing. Pressure from Democrats to step back from overseeing the special counsel's probe since he's made critical comments about it. The president says he has not talked with Whittaker about the investigation and dismissed a question about whether he'd order Whittaker to limit the probe. That's correspondent saga megani? Mourners Friday out of the victims of a mass shooting inside of Pittsburgh synagogue with a moment of silence and a rally for peace in downtown park. Senator Bob Casey says it's important to reflect some two weeks after the horrific day, we gather today as one Commonwealth to mourn, those taken from us in a sacred place. A place for reverence and worship pay forty six year old man who was accused of the shooting rampage has pleaded not guilty to federal charges the shooting left eleven dead and several wounded more of these stories at townhall dot com. Have you racked up more than ten thousand dollars in credit card debt? Are you barely getting by making minimum payments? You should know the credit card companies are tricking you into thinking, there's no way out credit card companies would rather you.

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