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In the skyline studio coming up at three thirty we have another edition of know your onion that's where Tom will quiz two of our listeners each doing a solo round and he'll give you a a newspaper headline and you have to figure out whether it's real or it's from the fake satirical comedy newspaper the onion and then you win okay you you win and that we're talking about when you get back to a sports scandals and more and if you want to jump in is three one two nine eight one seven two hundred all right take a little break for comedy here every morning around two thirty we play some classic comedy from the Johnny Carson show Johnny Carson show airs on antenna TV every more every night and every morning we play some clips back now this is one of the most beloved characters and one of the most hilarious characters that Johnny Carson did eats art fern he is the host of the teatime movie and it's always always hilarious go to the Slauson cutoff get out your car kind of your Slawson and it's art fern let's hear some art for all it doesn't sound good there I can barely hear try again see you see what happens Wall so what is it working in there.

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