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We hear you because there's been some pain and trauma over the years and that was a big one and Alan white reflected things a little differently after some of that pain and trauma so we could do the same thing with Ellen white sentence or two that we're just now doing with Matthew and Luke and we need to before we come up with kind of grant teachings that tell how people how they need to shape their lives right. So would I mean I guess before we move on from the Matthew and go maybe a little bit more and tell home. What if we are going to dive into that Do you have a better way that you would translate that if Pasta Chris did heroin translation soon of the diverse. Do you have your own. You do it. I think that Megyn Peterson's pretty close. I don't have in front of me but I if if this isn't his language in its mind fine if it's his we give him credit but kind of grow up in love Get Your Act together in love. I just gave you a lot to think about kind of the five the two chapters from Jesus in Matthew five six seven But embedded right there. I think that five forty eight kind of summarizes all of it grow up in love. And you'RE GONNA be persecuted if you love this way. Because the Kingdom of Jesus is necessarily upside down the Kingdom of Jesus is is necessarily inside out the Kingdom of. It's it's contrary to the way we would normally shape our lives for success. Grow up in love That's that's how I would translate five forty eight. That's cool. I like that translation. And you'll be doing the rest of your life. I'll be doing it for forever. I won't get it all right And I'll be persecuted for trying. Isn't that crazy like oh by the way the people who persecuted me. They're gonNA come for you because you care about this kind of love. Yeah well this kind of see I mean the whole like I mean if you're taking from the it's almost like love love like your father other has a lot like show love like your father shows love which is like you can strive for that but you can never love the same way someone else you can strive to reproduce it in your in life off but it's something you'll always be working and it's always be trying to expand upon something you always get wrong and maybe three steps forward and two steps back. That's that's how I growing love work so I guess you're reminding me of like the book of Leviticus In in around Chapter Nineteen you you know when they call the whole camp together and they all get these instructions on how to live a holy life right. I think this is maybe these are some of the voices of the predecessors In the story like the AH the early tapes. I think we may be misunderstand. The instruction given that day when the nation of Israel shows up and says in Leviticus like they're all called like nobody. Nobody can take a skip day. Get Out of your tens everybody get here. Everybody's boys girls Vienna children. TEENAGERS YOUNG ADULTS GRANDMA'S GRANDPA's ever ever when it says all that's what it means you. Are you a priest. Are you a peasant. Get here and then they're told be be perfect and the instruction isn't as Y'all way is perfect. It's because y'all way is perfect. This is just like a huge distinction attention. You can't do God do your human life in light of what God is doing God's life. This is a huge distinction. Shen but I think we sometimes hear that versus be perfect as God is perfect. Yeah right it'd be holy. I'm sorry in Leviticus as God his Holy Holy Now it reminds me of pulling theology like when he saying you know that we are growing glory. Glory you know like that whole idea that this is not A finite game but it's an exponential game that we are not called to get to a certain endpoint but that we cold to exponentially grow in Grace and glory and love according to that original imprint that original garden of Eden Ideal. You know I think that would be in in keeping with the word the word tell. Tell us tell us. Retaliates is used actually also in kind of Greek writings and Greek philosophers that that point your point towards a direction of completion or the goal or you know. How do we see this turning out? So what you're saying is consistent with the. I think it's earlier uses. No that word. Yeah I don't know I think then not the end of the day when we have to work all this Out In our relationships in our homes and with our children and our grandchildren in our churches. What is this thing this voice that keeps coming back in our head that tells us we're still not good enough off right? We're still not. We're still not getting something right. And those are really hard tapes to undo. uh-huh yeah yeah super heartaches on new undo even if we knew where they all came from it. You don't just turn up today and say stop thinking that way. Stop thinking that way so we were talking earlier today about Maria Maria Condo. You want to do that. Oh yes do. Let's talk about the Netflix sensation of last year. Right or before we did a whole church service on this a couple of years ago we actually had all the pastors up front with kind of you know the thing we would give away if the church could Marie Condo. Wow Wow like think of your life and experience with the church put it all out. Take it all out of the drawers and closets and put it on the bed and evaluated and thank you for it service and put put it back or release it right. We had a ton of fun a couple years ago on this topic and we gave some things back like somebody gave. Back Pathfinder Camporese. Ah that sounds like it's not doing that anymore anyway. We gave back a lot of interesting things. We wanted to give back back portions of the investigative judgment but we didn't have the courage to say understandable. Anyhow that has led me to think more and more and more about this like committee in our adventist thinking and in our rituals and our spiritual practices and disciplines that we do what I mean by that I mean like the rhythm of going to church and the rhythm of brain and the rhythm of sacred conversation like this and figured meals and Sabbath time. Maybe we could hood evaluate kind of all of this and there are some things we need to release so Maybe we could release this idea from. I'm kind of adventist experience and the the treasure chest of theological ideas of the last generation. Theology we've been talking about this away or a couple of ways you know with the people here this week. If there's this idea of EPA genetics in the science community in the social sciences community. There's a big old word EPA genetics addicts two words. Hey Greek thank you Greek for helping us all right. These are some Greek words here but when but this whole idea that our genes are are informed and shaped by experiences that we've had science and biology is taken off on this topic and it's a huge field of study really worth our time if it is things that have happened in our family in the past. We're learning that. There are residuals of that manifestations leftovers of that second third generation forward right right so if we had a big starvation in country one year we can find descendants of those people with challenges in their body because jeans were shaped because of things that happened in the world right. That's the big old field of epigenetics. Hopefully in like thirty seconds there's enough context there to ask this question. Those of you listening you tell us later. was there enough to talk about this Kapadia. Okay Google if you Google that you'll you'll get tons on stuff immediately. Yeah you'll get tons of information and then that will give you some traction. What if we've had some shaping right of our own agonised agonised genetics? What if we've had shaping of our own adventist theology what we have right? I mean my my grandmother's prayer from how many years ago from forty years ago I can still here in my ears. Little songs that my father or mother taught me or stories that I heard people tell or you know what if I wasn't even at the eight hundred eighty eight can't meeting. But what if the residuals of those arguments in adventist history still manifest somehow today and they've shaped our adventist experienced. Today I call this theological EPA genetic slogans a term. I'm playing around with. I think it's curious and fun to think about. What is is it? That's shaped who we are today. That maybe hasn't been healthy you. Haystack people who like to burn things. Like what could we actually take check out of the drawer with Marie Condo and say thank you for your service. Now you go to the Haystack site and we're going to bring you the cleansing fire. Ah Washes it all away but I think what I love what you're saying here. It's because it's not that it was bad and it was always bad and it was bad to begin with now and it was evil and we just have to get rid of. It's like maybe it actually served a purpose at a point in time and maybe it's just that it doesn't serve the same purpose anymore and maybe it actually wasn't that biblical to begin with right. Yeah these things. Emerging community usually from crisis right. I mean the Protestant reformation is because of crisis most great theological thinking emerges at the edges of crisis of some kind we come up with new ideas progressive life for at Fratton Adminis- Progressive Light Progressive Truth revelation the same way Maybe this one wasn't actually all that biblical sound but it emerged at a time in the forties fifties. Whatever ever where we're hey it's not 1901 anymore when this thing the structure was created in Ellen? White's been dead for awhile and we'll we're still here. I think that's maybe the warning sign for us where we have to put the bumper guards or the patterns on when we anxious in this old world that God so loves as like the creatures the broken fractured creatures and Gods Story. When we get anxious here we really do? Try and solve God's story then it must be us. There must be something we can be doing. So if that was thinking going on at a certain time in our journey I think it's going on again right like we have fresh Asia outbursts of this in the last five years or so all over again. We seem to be struggling with. But are you sure like maybe with your friends Jesse. Let's see we're supposed to be going out to the country and stockpiling and separating ourselves. This story is from forty fifty years ago but I literally people bull who are doing it right now. They are out there in the Bush intense in cabins. Because that's what they believe right so then you know. Every generation has delivered delivered on story out right. Every generation has to wrestle these things all over again we forget in our long adventist journey that we've talked about things and then left them. I'm to the side and when we run into them again. They're not all brand new. They've got a history. Many of these ideas have a history and they come to life again all over in a fresh new generation ration- It seems like that's where we are with. Gt and do you think some of it's because we're just were agitating like this old world is still here. Yeah I think we I think we definitely struggled to relate to the ever changing -ness of of this world. It's it's it's very strange to May a to belong to a faith movement that started with the expectation that this is all going to be wrapping up very soon. He just gotTa the jump on board. This train is heading to glory. And you just gotTa be on that train and yet here. We are one hundred fifty plus years lighter On the train and the destination is nowhere in sight. At least. That's what it seems. It's it's very strange to me to belong to that. Yeah yeah it's kind of almost like A. Yeah I think I think the kind of panic innings audio of it sort of like. Why are we still here? Why is this still happening? What have we done wrong beginning to take it on yourself? Yes it may. Maybe we have to be perfect. Maybe that's what we need to do. Maybe we need to do this. We uh-huh maybe I'll believe that we need to just go back to a pint. He's dig deeper into that. And maybe maybe if it was in a different time maybe today maybe everybody would be like well if you only ate way picks and not kelloggs.

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