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In a champion on his hammer meal near from now on only one who is worthy of wielding. The hammer may lifted and have the power of thor. Jane foster dr. Eric salvage and jane's intern. Darcy lewis investigating a strange cosmic phenomenon. Known as an einstein rosen bridge when she hits something or someone with her car. It's thor no longer god. But still and forevermore cut as hell at least until endgame they take him to the hospital and just as they're driving away thors hammer crashes to earth. You can trace the world tree map on source avs those are the real nine realms nine pack up with my guy also please take away jade's license immediately. She should not be allowed by an oil absolutely ridiculous. Gillis were jane over here their fellow diner patriots talking about object. No one can lift the hammer. Creator out in the desert thorn. Jane make their way to the crash site which is now guarded by shield half asleep on the job which will get to. I mean it's what are these guys or just waltzes. In their colson and co have clearly not had enough of the delicious caffeinated beverages authorities so fond of thirty meanwhile juiced up sites his way to the hammer but in a metaphor for men. All over. can't get it up. I mean it happens. Sometimes on asgard loki confronts. His father odin odin tells him that. Listen sorry about this. But you're actually. The child of lafi king of the frost giants are basically were booty then absolutely tucker out the string of recent days odin just nods off to the odin sleep mid-sentence on a on the steps also sleep from the father. This is like opioids version of when two people working from home quarantine or like my internet. I i can't hear you. I have a bad connection. Can we catch up later. Maybe via email. I wanted to raise you as my is. The kind of protracted maybe not so subtle metaphor for the refractory period. it is. I mean listen in the comics in the early days odin only had to do odin sleep once a year And the rest of the time he could just be up. Doing odin stuff was that also the number of times per year that he was getting it. In tracts frigate does seem unhappy. I don't imagine that the all fathers particularly generous lover also every now and then is just like you down on earth yard. Can you bear me. A son frigging. I'm dow turnaround. I can't wait to talk. About the rules of isaac thirty minutes for us to talk about that later. Wall doors and shield custody. Loki appears to his brother. And because he's loki. He lies tell store that their father weight. Is anybody going to learn with this goes. I know it's it's really hard to feel too bad for th- or like wants okay. You be rather the god of lies. Look you also mentioned zoey yet by the way now getting and as king. He says he can't allow four treaty. And you know your mom doesn't wanna see ya..

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