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Author of hitchhikers, guide to the Galaxy and his interview is basically rent out how much you didn't like. Microsoft didn't trust that. He's well, he walls a well-known fan boy. I think at the time when when some of the elite some new Mac if it was the Macintosh I think the first one in the UK was him or Stephen Fry it was there was the pair of them had like you know the first couple of Max in the country. So then dyed-in-the-wool Mac, fans all surprising Douglas Adams with. Live. E. About Microsoft but yeah, it was interesting seeing. So some of the angles to the news report about. About how the would affect the Internet moving forwards about how the that point had no particular focus on any particular system but this was going to pull everyone into Microsoft ecosystem. Well, I do remember this. How did you? Some reason. I don't imagine. All right. PULL UP A chair. Let me tell you a story. When when ninety five came out, I had a Toshiba, twenty one hundred CS laptop and I had windows three eleven for work groups and getting online on windows. Three eleven below was a bit of a fruit fe didn't have really particularly good networking bill and you had to add additional dial software and you had to add an IP stack really to get you online properly and windows ninety five brought all of that bill in. And so it had the whole a TCP pay and the ability to do windows Logan and all that kind of stuff out of the box and I remember the day it released a think it was a Friday and I worked for a company landed, in Slough, when Langley nurse Lau gateway to the south. and. I had my Toshiba with me in the office that day. And, because I'd had this laptop for a while it was the disc was really full..

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