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What this next five game stretch is gonna look like for them. Cause there's a world in which to me. The Jazz is a unit have Les miles on them. They're younger Dan Quinn is coaching his butt off and not to take anything from Vogel or tie Lou. But like Went Quinn Quinn cider. You mean Quinn's Excuse me Quinn tonight or apologize, Um, like masters like anything from those other coaches. But these are guys that are defending at a high level, and that is the bread and butter of what they do. There's no switch on for the playoffs. You know what I mean? Like what? We're trying to figure out if the Nets can actually play defense on any level or not. Yeah, I just think the Lakers have two superstars. I'm not convinced the Jazz have any I'll give you a team I don't buy. And I'll give you this. The team that I think is a real sleeper team. The team I don't buy is the Bucks. I just don't trust Johannes down the stretch in a close playoff game. I've seen it enough times. And I don't think the Jew holiday edition really has meant all that much to them. And I think to me the slippery team that doesn't get a lot of conversation is a bona fide championship contender is Philly because and beat is probably the second M V P choice right now and with a different coach and a different philosophy. The biases played really well, almost did it all Star level. Ben Simmons has become a premiere defender. I think he's really found his role, and I think now they know that Embiid is their guy and he's not standing out there shooting threes. Give me a team you dont buy Monica and then like a sleep re team that we should keep our eye on here as we approach the halfway point. Okay, team. I don't. But I think the bucks is an excellent choice is a team not to buy. Um Think based on what we're seeing lately. I think the Celtics Yeah, I'm out on the Celtics on Di Don't know. Big picture. Macro it maybe. Bubble fatigue shortened season a bunch of different things, but I think I'm out on the Celtics slippery team to me, and this is tough. There's a little bit of heart strings involved in this choice. Oh, man, Um Well got him. You got to that date, I think. Well, you're ahead of me, but that's why I was like, Wait, Wait. 1, 21 1 18 With 2.6 seconds left. Luca just missed an open three that would have tied it And I believe it is still Dallas Ball. So we'll keep you posted. What's going into the first half of our doubleheader on ESPN? The second half Lakers nuggets coming up. Give me your slippery team. All right, my slippery team. This is Miami. And I know that they're not looking so fantastic right now. They just had a shellacking actually, at the hands of the Jazz. The other night, but essentially, they returned everybody and they may be in the same bucket as the subject in terms of the wear and tear of last year and the shortened off season and all that may ultimately never allowed them to be entirely great. Um, but I love Jimmy Brother and that group was in the finals like maybe that's a two sides of that coin like they were playing late in But you know the east to me? Yes. Then that's may have the most town of bitterness. And I planned defense consistently yet. They're not even interested. And so to me, even though I'm with you on the bus and the Celtics like that Top four Top five group, they're gonna beat each other up. So if Miami slides in later, though, they've got the mental toughness. Yeah, it's hot at the right time anyway. Yeah, that the championship medal they need Tyler hero and Players like that to step up and play the way they did in the bubble will straight ahead. We are getting close to March. It's Valentine's Day. It's February 14th. And you know what That means. We've got that next college hoops on Game night. I'm Aaron Goldhammer. She's Monica McNutt. It's ESPN radio, ESPN app. The doctor made a sensational play Rock the baby. And what is this.

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