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Meetings as well as our major league coaches were building communication with our minor league coaches for the zoom calls. That we haven't another time in history where we've been able to see these things play out because we just haven't had the time in the day the what's happened. John is the relationships are being built between our miley getting coaches in our major league getting coaches and Antoine. Richardson are outfield. Base running coach is facilitating these zoom calls. So that our outfielders in the minor league and at the major league level. So if you can if you can picture under bishop and you Stransky on these calls with all of our minor league coaches and Major League outfielder outfield base running coaches all having conversations about first step quickness and about winning the first three steps. You can see that we're collaborating as an organization right now using these technologies that that you reference so that's the main part of my day and and a part of my day that I'm most proud of is participating in and and helping facilitating facilitate some of these calls utilizing technology. Well what a great opportunity and experience for these younger guys to actually be on the call with the bigly coaches and the big league players very very cool opportunity it and like I said kind of unprecedented. I think as a farm director when I played that role and then as a major league staff number you always dream about connecting minor league and Major League coaches and players alike because minor league players get so much out of hearing major league players talk and seeing them face to face. But you never have the bandwidth to make it happen and we really see this as competitive window for us to be better than than other organizations out this and you know. I. I don't mean mean mean to say that other organizations are doing. The same thing I would say is is that we're.

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