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Yeah i was like that right i wine he's i'm trying to think of how to describe this guy he's like these ease the archetypal is an archetypal could typical archetypal i don't know a guy who looks kind of like mitch hedberg oh that's one a year you know it's like that guy who's like almost got a seven dis since of cool yeah but it's more like generic than that you know you got like it's like the other guitarist from cohesion cambridge right do you know what i'm talking about is that the one i'm thinking like colleague that timeless deadbeat luck yeah exactly it's like it's like a deadbeat with like eight semi nice long haircut yeah you know there's like steps to this long haircut it's always blonde yeah it's always blond in it's mostly parted down the middle he looks like he would be an extra and make a movie wear like teenagers go to a adult pa thirty there you go yeah he's the he's the guy who like coffers weed wherever you walk out offers we're down and they had the inner malia obama service should be here this is heavy is he went some we'd i thought you were talking to you described the other the other guitars the i was talking about the basis for you how did you described the guitarist looks like a central casting like guitarist bright rock rocker rockstar you city he looks like he should have been in school of yeah he looks like he should have like he's the one guy they pass like he's the guy who performs before the school band you know yeah he's where like a leather jacket with no shirt underneath got a very 70s long haircut much cooler than our bassist.

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