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Like my apple iphone uh uh rather too much in the morning unlike for an august better nice when she's not delude to her phone aim hunt lectures in international tax law at university college dublin in ireland where apple has long had a banks since the 1950s ireland has built an industrial policy on attracting foreign direct investment through partly their tax system islands tax rates is attractive to companies because it's low it's about a third of what it is in the us in nineteen eighty it attracted apple to establish itself in arlon and from frei small beginnings it's grown to employing some six thousand people in ireland in the 1990s apple took its business in island a step further apparitions corporation tax structure through island by establishing to non resident subsidiaries these two companies held the foreign rights to the most valuable asset apple owns its knowhow those two companies with holders off intellectual property the value of apple is not in the little a phone or ipad that we hold the value an apple is in the electoral property that goes into creation that product apple was able to funnel the prophets of all it sales outside of the america's through these companies in ireland which was nice for apple because ireland has a low tax rate and what was nicer was that apple didn't even have to pay that and how could that be the if that's the right that's pavle an island well i guess what is unusual is thus the apple subsidiaries are socalled stateless companies inc ireland but not resident in ireland apple was benefiting from a quirk of irish tax law it was using a technique known as the double.

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