Mitt Romney, Dana Blanton, Utah discussed on Financial Exchange with Barry Armstrong


This is Paul pourri with Fox News director of polling. Dana blamed in several hot survey nuggets this week. I Mitt Romney the former GOP presidential candidate and newly-installed Utah Senator made headlines with an op-ed critical of President Trump that should please. Most of his constituents are FOX's veteran analysis shows about two thirds of Utah voters sixty three percent want Romney to stand up to the president. Next house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has the gavel again, more voters view her negatively than positively still she's more popular than her peers thirty six percent have a favorable opinion. Opposi it's twenty eight percent for both Senate. Jordy leader Mitch McConnell and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer now one from the archive in August, twenty seventeen less than one voter in five supported both border wall and a government shutdown to pressure congress to fund it. And at that time, a forty one percent minority of Trump voters favored both the wall and the shut down to get it. I'm Dana Blanton, and that's your potpourri nine nine. You might not be able to keep up with all the latest business and finance news weekend. It's the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong and chug outta on the financial exchange radio network. As promised. We have an answer to our trivia question. The question was what was Elvis's first number one hit on the us billboard pop.

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