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Tremendously when teams finish the season. And now they have players that are gonna fall off their books. Players that are gonna be unrestricted. Do they sign them? Do they not signed them. They're going to get a chance to redo their entire roster, redo their books, and that's when teams are going to be more interested in getting serious. On players like a Jack Eichel. Sam Reinhart harassed mistress. Delighted. I'm not saying that Kevin Adams wants to trade any one of those three. I'm just saying that he better understands now, just to elaborate on my question, though, just to elaborate on my question, and Marty, please chime in here. I guess my question is, Do you think Kevin Adams has a Dry erase board with those guys on it, obviously because they're under contract for next year. But then do you think he has one of possibilities of what he's heard? He could possibly maybe get or who might be available at the end of the year for this particular, say, Sean Monahan, just for an example. Say, Insert another defenseman there that you want to put in there just for a dream like scenario. Do you think he has his own that nobody knows about aboard for sure. Without Jack Eichel without Sam Reinhart without rest A without even dog, Dolly. I mean, like, how many different boards could he possibly have? PD? I have this book where I write down everything. What we do on the show today. I'm writing it down the trades yesterday. I'm writing it down. Where I Where did I learn that? I learned that from Kevin Adams. When I started working at the Academy, hockey and I, every time we had a meeting cabin at his book, and he wrote that down, so he Has a book on every conversation he's had. Okay. So yesterday he's talking with Boston to make the Taylor Hall trade or the night before. He's got his books. He's understanding what players were discussed. He's also fielding all these calls and writing his book. So he knows, And maybe it wasn't As busy as a trade deadline that we would want it to be. But for Kevin Adams, and for all general manager around the National Hockey League, they are preparing themselves for the summer. With this day, the stocks with these communications amongst general manager so So what? This maybe is my hopeful way of looking at it and saying Kevin Adams And April is preparing for the draft. He's preparing for July 12 when free agency will open. He's getting his notes organized right now because of those conversations that he's having. Well, that's a lie. Just let that breathe for you refer to just kind of grab it and take it, But I mean, feel free to Feel freedom, Tonto. Add to what I was saying. I mean, Like is there is there do you think And maybe you guys have already answered the question. And maybe I guess I just wanted to be a little bit more than it is. But maybe I'm just not being clear. But I just want to know if you think that He's taking calls. On Sam and knows what he can get for him. And has that guy already in his lineup and knows what he could be looking at for Jack and nose. But because we have we have dragger and Elliot on this show Weekly one on Thursday. That's Elliot one on Friday. That's Trager and they're reporting the same things. Right? A lot of similarities. And those are the guys. You listen to S O When you hear him talk about calls on Darlene and calls on this. Do you think there's ah realistic board that he looks at like you do rib and says Could have a pretty good team. If I If I make a few deals this off season that are are significant deals and significant players on my roster. No question about it. There. There, There's I'm sure that Kevin Adams is. He's got multiple boards, and I'm gonna tell you right now, I should be phoning up Kevin Adams and saying I will be the marker guy. I will be the guy that writes down what Kevin Adams on the board. That's all I need. Just, you know, pay me a dollar a day, and I will just write this stuff on the board. The problem is when, when they when Kevin is going to say OK, put Casey Middle stat there. You're gonna write Ryan Reeves. And he's gonna say no, That's not how you spell Mittelstand. It'll be like The pen is doing with the pen wants, Kevin. That's the way a wife I don't want Ryan reached Marty. No, no, no. I'm just saying you're gonna put your player I don't know. Listen, I mean, it was maybe three boards. There's gonna be three boards is gonna be there is gonna be the Jack Eichel. Sam Reinhart risk the line in and all the other players around the board. Yeah. And then there's gonna be another board That doesn't have Jack Eichel or Sam Reinhart or rest, aligning and and think about what, what you could get. For those three players to restart and rebuild this organization that I don't think you're gonna have to do a rebuild because I think guys like Casey, Middle Stat. Page Thompson, Rasmus, Darlene Yoki Har You are younger players are not young. They're actually they've gone through their growing pains of young And you're starting to see what Casey middle stat is all about. What Cage Thompson is all about. We've had a We've had a rash, Miss Dolly, and that struggled immensely. And I mean immensely at the start of the season, and I'm gonna tell you right now. Hell happened to this kid? What about what about what about aspirin? Right, Selena? In a case like I like that, I mean, come on. Old old Rooty toot See is, Let's give him a little bit of time. Let's give it a little bit of time. But I'll tell you this, Rasmus asked one Is now a guy that you need to have in your mind That could be on this team next year because he has played his way onto this line up every single night. Oh, here we go. Played his way. No one's everyone's learning it now. I'm all for sorry right now. Right now you're playing the kids right now. You're playing the young kids for the rest of season. Absolutely. But listen, Marty, be careful. Do you mean kids that might not even have earned it? No, no, no, I know I know you're playing. You have players that are going to play and you have a roster and rules to respect But you are playing ruts. Elaine and you're playing aspirin. You're playing Dylan cousins. They are going to be on the power play. They are going to get really valuable minutes. That's all development is I'm not saying Call up Jack Quinn and play. Um, that's not worries at I am those now. But those three guys that I just pointed out are at the at the spot at the at the level that the opportunity to get some initial experience eyes presented to them, and that's a good thing. I can tell you right now right now. Next year. Third line was going to consist of Casey, Middle Stat Page Thompson and Rasmus asked one. There's your line. If I were to tell you next year that that's our third line. Would you be okay with it? Yes, right now, the way they're breaking lutely. Playing fantastic and they're gonna be a year older and you're bigger. You're stronger. Ah, you're more confident. I think Casey Middle stat. I like what he said in his interview last week where he just took for took for granted. Where he was at in his career and realize that he he needed to change more off the ice. Then on the ice. This kid's got world class, insane skill. That's why distracted a little girl. That's why he was the third highest rank forward in the draft that year, and you're starting to see it's taking a little bit of time because that's usually Usually what happens with players is they need time to develop and Casey Middle stat took that time to the No. Marty. No, I'm gonna say yes, it takes time for players to develop. Absolutely. But he also and maybe that was Jason Botterill and Casey, Mill Stats. Agent He was put in an impossible position. He played high school hockey. In U. S a child, then one year of college, and then he's supposed to be making the jump to the NHL. And I think there was a little bit of arm twisting in that whole thing like he wasn't ready for that. And I think he took a step back Now you're saying that we rush them? Maybe a year? Yeah, He should have been in Rochester developing federally now and now we would be saying, middle stat. Just like we're sent aspirin and Russell einen, we'd say like, Oh, look at this guy. He's is where we wanted to be. I think we We got a bad taste in our mouth for a year and a half because he just wasn't ready for that. So listen. Did well, that is Coach Lee. We write college or something, Lander. No, I like the lander was the opposite. He was He was He was He was given the opportunity to instead of going back to Junior's develop in Rochester, and I don't think Alex knew Lander really took the steps Forge that that we were Roger he played against May never should have been kneeling or never should have been in the minors as an 18 year old..

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