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And still angry at to tell us. Tell tell you I'm gonNA tell. You nate silver. Oh my God. All he's pollsters. Excuse me can't even some of the most mad at that she drake. You sound like mantles Series John like he's done so close years she like how we say my Somalia. We'll never the end. Nate silver so that the chances of a trump's that was one in three is likely the cubs winning the world series. No cops one yeah so. It's almost like nate silver Jason and JV Everhart. This is called me gear. God this will right there. We'll ride a year this Pisa Back Fat. We don't WanNA see your back fat. I know but this is the cub. Honghai the fucking dial sorry and underneath year in this flab look at this flab visit might get you underneath firearm right here. This is the does are okay. What do you think that you have to guess words mega-gas Ask for all? I don't even want Newt Gingrich. I'd like every third thought I have in a day is about trump. It's like trump trumpet carbs or trump carbs carbs carbs carbs trump in the Obama years. You know I was always trying to do the Atkins of the Paleo just protein in vegetables. But now I I'm just I'm just bide Sourdot Baguettes from Moscow and tearing up all day and buttering them over this thing and just showing us with I go to a restaurant may ask. Would you like some bread instead of saying no I always go? Trump has the nuclear codes of course bread with butter and Fudge and for them cigarettes audit and gay law of Maryland. Let's see your fun wall. Bring it I'm bringing old was no problem. We have gold. I have lots of I want any ball was. You'RE GONNA need woolen orders of that knitting. What do you mean? You're not needing a hat on. And Oh yes no. We all brought wall so I'm sorry ladies. It's just I mean. Obviously I'm still struggling with a lot of depression. The gloom the darkness the mid term elections we just on those midterm elections in the eleven fourteen districts. If we can just get a fifty nine percent majority party.

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