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And share my platform with and i'm also building an integrated media company. So i now have my production company with warner brothers and my first show in production right now which is paris and love and also my own audio company with iheart and i have three Different podcasts in production. right now and just all of the other businesses. That i'm building so it's just about religious building this really global media company. You mentioned a few minutes ago. That you've really leaned on your family and your fiance to be a rock and that it can be hard to trust people. I think as founders and ceo is like i understand that on some level because we started something where we nobody knew who we are and most people who we are by that we had to learn how to like let people in. I can't imagine a your level of recognition how to learn how to trust people and how to learn how to vet business partners or as you build out this empire learn how to figure out who you should let in because obviously you're you are just one person and this has become huge where you have lots of partners. How do you figure out how to trust. People like how much of your gut leads your everyday. Very hard for me to trust people just especially from growing up in l. a. And just seeing some things so it's definitely hard to let people in especially my personal life but in my business life. I always do my research. I always make sure to look into the people. That are my partner with. Because i don't want to associate myself with someone who may be is not a good person or as bad reputation so i always call around other people. I'll have my team you know. Look them up. Investigate them and see. Because i just don't a partner that that doesn't have my same values had describe when you think about it. Now your relationship with social media you are credited with being the og social media influence her and you really mastered how to build a brand on multiple platforms. And i know that you in some ways thrive off a bit but in other ways it's gotta be a channel for kind of constant feedback whether you want it or not. How do you channel that into something. That can be useful. I i love having fun with it. I think it's amazing. How this technology that. I can be connection with all of my fans all around the world and able to share my life with them. It is is a overwhelming sometimes. Because there's just so many platforms. And i feel like every few months. There's a new one. So now i've hired ahead of my social media team so he's helping you with everything and of course i oversee everything and everything that goes on. There is things that i write at put out but just someone have it more organized being able to put on every single platform. So i'd love to have that stress as well because there's too much happening in that world. I think it's always interesting when we immediate when we interview people for jobs you have your resume kind of face and sat and then also these days were interviewing people who also have their own social following that at times can be like really large and interesting any advice for people that are influencers but are also trying to have kind of these more professional day jobs like any tips for how to use social in a productive way on their career side. You know when..

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