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That in anticipation of ratcheting up in this conflict to try to come to some understanding because neither nation can handle the economic fallout of this right now, particularly China. So how does the U.S. use that leverage? As a tension has been simmering for quite a while time, you know that. Seem to have been reinforced by what happened in Ukraine earlier this year, Tom. And how China seemed to be took the side of Russia against the wishes of the U.S. administration. There's no question about that. The linkage is there as well. But what I would go back to John is a change in rhetoric and you're going to reach back four or 5 and 6 years and as you mentioned earlier, John, this is also about the sea change in China. This is forget about the China of Newt Gingrich or Henry Kissinger. This isn't the China of early Obama. That's really well framed. I'm foreign policy on the international stage better than okay. We understand and this is all we understand at this point. According to Taiwan's liberty times, that we will get speak Pelosi landing in the country at ten 20 p.m. local time, so I make that about three hours from now, Lisa. And from there, who knows? Yeah, well, and how quickly do we get a response, too? You get the immediate response. The pomp and the circumstance, the show, perhaps a missile flying into a sea somewhere, but at what point do we start to see the real fissures begin? How far does it go? I would embed markets a little bit today. We're down about 6 tenths on a S&P 500 on the NASDAQ with down 7 tenths of 1%. It's defensive out there, but a risk aversion. You see it ain't going to be equity market. It's pulling

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