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Dealing not only with their counterparts that are similar age but what about the veteran player there's twenty eight twenty nine thirty two thirty three years old it's looking at a twenty two year old quarterback saying hey kid we're we're depending on you you know you bring up leadership that that you know what that is so that's maturity that's maturity well it's maturity its work ethic its leading by example it's understanding that you're dealing with a lot of different personalities uh you know in in an eleven man hoddle uh with different backgrounds who different stories and you know where you are you a guy that this team is going to rally around a kid you elevate the play of others i made to me you know that's that's one of the things that that the greatest quarterbacks in the nfl i've always been able to do and that's elevate the people around them and uh obviously no one has done that better in this generation than tom brady at it pay granic right before him said of the fact that i've had a few personnel people over the last few weeks tell me that say qualm barkley is unquestionably the best player in this draft better than the quarterbacks is at an assessment you would agree with phil or not agree with i would say that if you had to go out and play a game tomorrow then there's no question that if the game was on the line you much rather just turned hand the football to sake want barkley then rely on one of these quarterbacks dropped back it make that third seven type of throw i i think that there's more certainty with say kwan barkley in terms of his projection into the nfl than any of these quarterbacks however there's a school of thought out there that you can find a running back it's been proven as recently as this past year without come on it and of course uh karim hot having tremendous success as you know non first round picks so i think the viewpoint of gm's and coaches has changed quite a bit in recent years because uh you know you wouldn't take a running back typically in the top of the first round because you felt like okay we've got four or five years to get all of this together and we need to build our team at.

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