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Episode five of game of thrones. And now here the two guys who are ready to hold the door open for the final year of game of thrones twenty nineteen I'm rob Cisterna back with Josh Wigley. Josh happy new year. Happy new year. Oh my goodness. I cannot believe it. We are in the final year of game of thrones. After this year twenty nine teen. There will never be anything related to game of thrones ever. Again, we have to savor these next few weeks and months Robert Jess there will be probably no less than seven game of thrones of projects in developing lucky number who won one for each of the seven. I think that the mother the father. The stranger. The krone lady crane all will be involvement at HBO. Oh my God. Please not the lady grain show. No. Yeah. All right. So a lot of stuff to talk about here. Very famous episode of game of thrones today the door and probably the highest high. We've had in season six so far. Yeah. Absolutely. Some time travel getting dipped into my game of thrones over here. What a what a treat, and I remember at the time when this episode aired just being fully mind blown by the Hoed or hold the door reveal which of course, as we've relitigate numerous times on this podcast and everybody else in the game of thrones spaces also covered extensively the books by George. Martin are only through five out of seven entries currently published and in those at some point in one of those final two installments this event that we see here in the door where or becomes. Or and he becomes Hoed or via some brand time travel warning green seeing shenanigans chicanery that's going to happen at some point in the future book. We haven't even read that yet. So for the book reading crowd consistently losing the advantage over the course of these final these last couple of seasons. This was a big win me. I think that this was probably the biggest WAM e up to this point or people who had read the books first before watching the show. Nobody saw this coming except for the story of that one guy who corner Georgia Martin and elevator and said, hey, as or called Hoed or because something happens where he has to hold the door Georgia Martin was like, well, you guessed it. But no one's ever going to believe you, and then it actually happened. Yeah. I mean that also plays actually in-in-in Vader. I think so I think that's the story. I feel like that's the story. I may be a little bit fried at this point and getting that jumbled up, but I believe that that is that's my recollection. Wait, hold the door. Oh is that like how close you are? Someone can correct me. If I'm if I'm wrong in that story. Like, there's a version of the truth is somewhere baked into that story. Okay. All right. So a lot of stuff to get through happy new year to you, and yours Shosh into you, and yours, rob I expect this to be the greatest year of all time. Come on come on your hot streak in jeopardy. That's true. That's true. Let's open things up with Santa. And interestingly the episode the door starts with a. Doc knock knock on the door reaching for the soundboard show. Oh. Maistre Maistre Mike is ears or burning right now? God. Yeah. But the begins the knock knock, and it is a scroll earth Sansa stark Sansa has a visitor in mole's town. She has no idea. How far mole's town is which feels kind of crappy for somebody who is from the north feel like you gotta know your your northern geography a little bit better than the. Yeah. And then Santa's gonna head down to mull sound, do you think she tells John indaba it's like having to go out for a bit. Yeah. Going to most towns down also is like desecrated at this point. Right. I mean, like it's been ransacked already doesn't seem like there's much going on when Santa gets there. She's like this clandestine meeting an abandoned house in moles town..

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