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Our state local tribal and territorial governments mark pointing out that partisan opposition on the other side of the capital on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue Oklahoma Republican congressman Tom Cole so much of what's in this bill simply has nothing at all to do with the current crisis it's more like a liberal Christmas card list wish list it would make more sense in my view madam speaker just send it straight to Santa Claus and descended to the United States Senate on top forty the house also passed the historic rules changed to allow lawmakers to vote remotely during the corona virus pandemic cash tolls resume next week on two major New Jersey highways that story coming up on KYW newsradio but right now it's time to traffic let's join Billy Johnson good morning John it's pretty quiet at this morning as you can imagine nice light for the most part we do have a couple of areas that I should be aware of seventy six eastbound Schuylkill expressway closed once again at six seventy six the vine that's for a viaduct project we have going on the review I mean that review their detour yeah pretty simple continue east bound of six seventy six over ninety five to take that down through Pennsylvania to move round the detour will go back up now to Montgomery County it's seventy six westbound school cool approaching the blue route we're gonna have a left lane that's close right now for road work out it's for an expansion damn placement projects elsewhere things move along quietly on ninety five south bound from Bristol down past that Betsy to six seventy six no issues on ninety five in New Jersey get a couple things popped up by some construction overnight to ninety five south bound between exit twenty eight and twenty six you're gonna find one lane closer to six o'clock except they in less than ten minutes I'm Billy Dawson in a K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center time now for our check of the NBC ten first alert weather from meteorologist Krystal klei good morning we've got a beautiful weekend ahead of us a few very early morning showers pass the area now we're talking.

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