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Curly Perm, David, Nicolas Cage discussed on Mathew Blades-MYfm


What actress stars Nicolas Cage in the movie city of angels. All right can score one to one name one name one of the three horse races that make up the triple crown leader. Darby? Correct. Yeah. Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont, David what on your face? Can you lift hint and Perm? Your lashes Perm your eyelashes can. But I'm wondering if this will work for eyebrows. Can you lift your eyebrows? Checking right. Lift up, your you know, what we're gonna take browse you're going to. Do all three your eyebrows, as well, you can Perm into your eyebrows. And also lift them as well. I was thinking I can Perm them. I think perm- like when I was a kid and my mom's here against Uber. Curly Perm can straighten of also like you can give it a little Benz. Oh, you're so lucky don't even pretend like we're talking about, you know. All right curse score is to to to. Jim Carey start is what comedian in the movie man on the moon? Lena man on the moon. Jim Carrey start is what comedian in the movie man on the moon? If you believe put a man on the moon. Andy kaufman. Okay. David. What is beyond says this tres name?.

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Curly Perm, David, Nicolas Cage discussed on Mathew Blades-MYfm

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